Whenever the economy is discussed or mentioned we make assumptions on it without full comprehension(grasping) of what is meant by THE ECONOMY. A simple definition of the term would be the activities involved in production for consumption of goods and services in a defined area as small as a village and as large as the world’s economy. However, we will discover some goods and services are not captured at some lower levels of a society. A hunter who goes into the forest and comes back with bush meat to feed his family and some to sell in the village market or to motorist along the highway close to his village is hardly taken account of. Neither does the economy include subsistent farmer activities and more importantly for our discussion here, those simply living off nature. Of course it has never covered exchange of goods by barter. However, as soon as you add some technology for tilling the ground, processing your harvest and exchanging for money, then you are registered in an economy.


In the past, farming was THE economy. With the advance of technology(1st to 3rd Industrial revolution), manufacturing gained dominance. This evolution was captured in economic lexicon with products from farm debased and called PRODUCE while manufactures are called products. This evolution is real. We are now moving into dangerous times called THE DIGITIZED ECONOMY and the undigitized economy. We are all being prepared for this digitized world by being individually numbered and digitized. It started with Social Security Numbers in the West and now National Identification Number NIN in Nigeria.

What is happening? Is it simply the natural evolution of the world and to what end?

Watchman Nee in his book LOVE NOT THE WORLD(1937), wrote that every human activity including RELIGION moves further and further away from God. What we are seeing is a WORLD moving away from God’s Natural World to a Synthetic Satanic world. This should not surprise us. Satan not being creative(he is not made in likeness of God) has hijacked human creativity to move humanity away from God and God’s creation. There are both knowing and unknowing human collaborators of Satan and it takes a deliberate effort not to help advance the satanic kingdom in our daily legitimate endeavours.

This third decade of the twenty first century, we are moving into another epoch. It could be the final era/age with the onset of Digital Economy. It is starting with post COVID 19 Global Reset Agenda and it is ominous. It has been long in coming and matches the prophecy in Revelation 13, “Without Numbers You Can’t Buy Or Sell”. I believe it is finally here because without a number, be it BVN or NIN, I can’t operate in the commercial world, in fact; it is deemed criminal to do so in my country Nigeria attracting jail term.

A way to follow the movement away from the real world is to track the evolution of money and the still evolving world financial system. Please follow this in the following links to see what I have written about it:

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We have evolved from exchanging our goods by barter to substituting cowries and then metals like gold, silver then copper as media of exchange. Paper, representing gold etc as currency later became another means of exchange. Now a new entrant and maybe final frontier, the introduction of digital currencies by world Central Banks! Competing with Central Banks Digital Currencies(CBDCs) is the decentralized cryptocurrencies. Cryptos are being used for purchases across the world while China is testing its own digital Yuan. Indeed Bytes is the new electricity and currency!


A number of us, for different reasons, now focus on TV screens to receive our pastors words whenever we are in Church. The import of this is lost on us that our reality is now screen based. Add to this is our accessing the word on electronic gadgets, hand phones, and laptops unlike the hardware Bible. What happens when one is permanently cut off from the grid? This simple fact of Bible depending on synthetic world illustrates where we are headed and our vulnerabilities.

Another illustration is children at play. In the past it was that we climbed trees, took potshots with catapults etc, now it’s video games. We played football and other games on playgrounds, but now it’s played on screens. We played out door, but now it’s on couches in living rooms.

I am using the above scenarios to show a sustained movement into an artificial world far removed from the natural world. We might say it’s the inevitable advance of technology and that I should not play the Luddite, but how far before it’s overwhelming? Soon, what has been achieved in the financial world, making money as essential to life as air would be achieved in the real world. Without Digital connection and a Number you become a non person. And if you go the whole hog with the movement you are recognized as a global citizen.

A lot of us now reside in a synthetic post-nature world having left the natural world completely. Much of this subtle change is yet to arrive in low income countries safe their capital cities. However, I ask those residing in the developed world where the synthetic world is much advanced to share developments there as they occur, so the rest of us might know what is coming in.

Here are some of the advances already in place in technologically advanced countries.

A) GMOs and GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS whose seeds for sowing is in the hands of a few, meaning our food sustenance is being placed in the hands of just one or two for profit conglomerates.

B) Total CCTV coverage such that there is no hiding place.

C) Facial recognition and Social credit scheme far advanced in China.

D) 5G, 6G, Starlink(Elon Musk creation), meaning total internet blanket of the whole world especially with Starlink.

E) Coming Human Redundancy

–driverless cars and trucks.

–drone delivery.

–AI, Robots, etc

F) Becoming identified as a global citizen over citizen of a nation state.

G) Universal Basic income. This is the idea that moves Social Security payments(the dole) to another level that involves everyone especially one identified as a global citizen. You receive this income irrespective of whether you are working or out of job.

H) New Realities: Augmented realities and Virtual Realities. DIGITAL WORLD: How soon will these realities be the functional realities? How soon will humans carry number plates like our vehicles carry number plates for identification?


(Humans on a leash, time for believers to be as wise as serpents).

Jangle your dog’s chain or leash and you see the dog allowing you to chain it as the dog had associated the leash with outdoor walk. However my metaphor here is showing how freedom can be lost and humans chained down by these cascade of gadgets such that we are no more Homo Sapiens(the wise ones) but Homo “Serfiens”(the SLAVES).

Once it was that wise men, philosophers, scienctists, and theologians were the celebrities and influencers of society and shapers of our young. Now, pop singers, comedians, and actors are influencers of our youth. Their weight in gold is reckoned by the number of followers they have and not by anything of substance. Theology which was in the fore is now relegated to the back burner making room for the advance of Antichrist. So also is the removal of Judeochristian ethos as pillars of civilisation.


Believers in Christ Jesus need to heed this clarion call and warning against sheepishly being corralled into this synthetic world, an ensnarement leading to final enslavement to the Antichrist. For this reason, I salute our brethren who set up the WISE VIRGIN ENDTIME GROUP. A place whose objective is to sensitive believers on how to live off grid. With time, I hope this can morph into the original Boy’s Scout kind of movement where we and our loved ones can live on nature for stretches of time, weekends then weeks in a year. We can also learn how to scavenge in towns and cities.

Noah prepared an Ark before the deluge; should we not? Believers like quoting the book of Mathew 24 verse 37ff…, where our Lord said those days shall be like the days of Noah, but I do not see many of us building an Ark to prepare us ahead of time. I do not see any of us being ready to leave civilisation like lot had to depart Sodom.

Dr. Olugbenga Jaiyesimi.

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I believe the saints will go through the Great Tribulation before being evacuated from the Earth in the rapture.

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