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In a secular article titled “Emancipate yourself from Mental slavery,” I traced Africa’s problem to our slavish past and slavish mindset. To highlight the problem I compared the progress in North America and US known as the land of the free and leader of the free world with the stagnation in Africa, more so after the American civil war to free enslaved peoples. The Spirit then laid it on me that it is deeper than being secular.

Scriptural verses on this started coming up. For example, the Son frees us indeed(Jon.8:32,36). Peter a “bondservant” of Jesus(2 Pet.1:1). Onesimus and Philemon(Phil.1.10). Paul on many occasions called himself a slave of Christ.

Some say the Bible is a story of good and evil contesting for supremacy. It is also a battle of where lies our allegiance. Who is our master ?

In retrospect, we see that the bible did not couch slavery in moral terms of good and bad. However, enslaved peoples were encouraged to gain their freedom. Slavery existed in other climes like in Russia, where there was serfdom. Slavery existed for long in China and all over Asia. These have been downplayed leaving us to think slavery is solely an African phenomenon. Slavery and its concept is obviously a consequence of the fall of Adam with Satan becoming the number one slave master. Pharaoh, Antipas, Nebuchadnezzar Caessar were his foremen. Then Christ came to pay the price for the fall and free man from the scourge of slavery. If the son sets you free, then indeed you are free(Jon.8:32).

Satan again, surreptiously, attempts to reverse this freedom on at least two fronts.

(1) Counter Religion, specifically Islam. No wonder they call themselves slaves of Allah slaves they are indeed.

(2) Then the interface of money in commerce. By this Satan is gradually re-enslaving mankind with money binding us to commerce and then the branding with his Mark(Rev.13:11-18). So if Religion doesn’t get one(atheist et al) then commerce would. No wonder Jesus also said you can’t serve two masters(Luk.16:13). A slave must have a master and can’t serve two masters. There is no place for double mindedness.

Summary Of Spiritual History

The First Fall

There was and is one master in the heavenlies until one of his “favored” creatures, Lucifer, thought in his heart he could do a better job than Yahweh(Isa.14; Ezek.28). He rebelled and was able to win the loyalty of fallen angels(Rev.12:4). The manifestation of this First Fall was in heaven. I beheld Satan fall like a star(Jon.14:18). God then created the earth and then Man to whom he gave dominion and the Title deed of the earth. This prototype man Adam, created a shade lower than Elohim(Ps.8:5), was to eventually see Satan off, ending his rebellion. After all, why would Yahweh condescend and stoop to confront Satan? The Son of Man did just that! So he made man lower than Elohim and the seed of the woman will bruise Satan’s head while Son of Man will deliver the final blow.

Despite this, a lot of focus remains on the second fall, Sin. The resolution of which can be viewed as having treated the symptoms of an underlying disease or problem.

A Question Of Alliance

What draws our heart? Satan was able to draw a third of angels to war against Yahweh in the angelic rebellion. Could the same thoughts beguiling Satan have been in them making them susceptible to rebellion?

Per chance the same heart remains in believers after redemption. Has the heart question of allegiance been resolved in a believer? Yes. Only by grace but a time of testing is coming to the world that leads to many believers falling away in the great Apostasy(Thess 2:3).

Why shoul this be? We believe in our heart and confess that Jesus is our Saviour and Master, and we are Born again. However, Satan and worldly attractions assail our hearts to dislodge our loyalty to Jesus. A lot of importance is placed on our heart position beyond our confession. Jesus alluded to this when He said, ” people call me Master,Master but their hearts are far away from me.”(Luk.6:46).

We see Satan being let loose after a thousand years in the abyss( Rev.20: 7-10). Why was he let loose again ? What is the unfinished business? Why not straight to hell fire with the beast and false prophets upon his capture after the battle of Armageddon.How was Satan able to find peoples and nations to deceive after millennial rule by our lord.

Oh Man, guard your heart(Prov.4:23). Don’t allow the allurement of Satan, money, possessions it buys and satisfaction it gives to draw the heart. That is the source and reason for the statement, “love of money is the root of all evil”. It was given to us for us to guard our hearts, for us to uproot weeds and tend our hearts to prevent against the deceitfulness of much money. It was never given to negate the basic unrighteousness of money. If a believer sticks to the former (love of money being the root of all evil) he will be deceived by Satan to participate in world commerce not understanding the implications and at his own peril – gaining the world and losing his soul(Mk.8:36; Rev.13:17). Even unbelievers who follow the evolution of finance, commerce and money have concluded that it is enslaving the whole world (see YouTube: ) thus affirming various statements by our master. We, to which this testation was revealed over 2000 years ago are being enslaved by money as flies that dropped into honey and can’t get out . You need to read articles on evolution of money and future of money (

Yes, Jesus and through his disciples handled money but what happened to the treasurer?(Jon.12:6; Matt.26:14,15; Acts 1:18). Also note that in the old dispensation, Tithes and Offerings were from nature, not ever money as in the present. Note that money was changed in the temple to repurchase and offer sacrifices to God, never money(Deut.14:22-29). Treasury Box into which the widow put her mite(Mk.12:42; Luk.21:2) ? This does not negate my submission – might be human tradition mixing with early requirements of God.

When God was with us on earth, he, though raised a carpenter, there is no record of him participating in commerce especially after his temptation in the desert. So he could tell Satan nothing of his was in him(Jon.14:30). When he was required to pay tax, he didn’t use coins from commerce with Satan’s Foreman’s image on it. He went into his creation, the seas and a fish delivered the required gold to pay the taxes(Matt.17:24-27).This same ‘money’ was going to hit back in my Lord’s betrayal. No wonder Jesus despised money because it acts as a glue that binds one to the prince of this world through commerce.

Talk of being in bondage. Government “bonds” are sold to create money making money a debt and an enslaver.Money has also evolved with the passage of time to become a necessity of life, just like the air we breath.It is as important as water to a vast horde of humanity. Thus the evolution of money continues and with time it’s real essence will be revealed.

Author: Gbenga Jaiyesimi(Bondslave)


Why bondslave ? There is a scripture in the old testament that allows a freed slave to renounce his freedom and forever remain with his master. He indicates this by having his ear pierced with an aul(Exod.21:1-6). Yes Jesus set us free but wisdom will tell us to revert to bondslave status to Jesus.This affords some protection against the snares of Satan.

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