Satan’s Number Is Up

Gradually prophecies in the book of Revelation are being fulfilled. I received a post informing me that the Nigerian National Identification is shifting from card based identification to “an Advanced NUMBER Based Identity System.” Reading on you discover that everyone is to be reduced to a number and your name is no more what identifies you. Is this development innocuous? No. This development is from the stable of Satan. Period. How? Looking through the Bible one discovers a distinction between the kingdom of light and kingdom of darkness. The kingdom of light gave us names not numbers. God so abhors numbers that David numbering the nation of Israel(census) drew the wrath of God(2 Sam.24:1-25).

The Lamb’s book of life has names in it not numbers. Scriptures describes raptured saints – “which no one can NUMBER.”(Rev.7:9 & ff). What do we know about Satan? He numbers his own. His Beast has a number(Rev.13:18), and he is ready to number those who are his own. Is receiving this number optional? Can one reject it? Can one refuse it and insist that your driver’s license or passport is good enough? With passage of time and as indicated in the post NIN(National Identification Number), and BVN(Bank Verification Number) are to be linked with the banks with active support of CBN(Central Bank of Nigeria). So sooner or later banks will be demanding all their customers bring their NIN or close account. Will this request for NIN be just for new accounts? I guess not. Prophecy will be fulfilled.

In the past an ID card though has a number links your picture with your name. now your image is linked not with your name but with a number. Yes the Bible says the antichrist will require people to have the number on their body(Rev.13:16-18). The technology is available and is known as Radio Frequency Identification. Google(RFID). However do we have to wait for this requirement before we believers begin a survival plan? Note how these things are foisted on us. You register your phone numbers, you register your bank accounts, you are given a bank verification number(BVN), and now this new one, NIN.

However, the church in Nigeria have not thought it fit to sensitize its members. Do we need to wait for the last straw before survival plans are made to survive the one to two years of the great tribulation?

Countries like India, Nigeria and indeed Africa are coming late to numbers replacing names to define and identify peoples. In the rich OECD countries, numbers, be it welfare numbers, social security numbers or driver’s license have long been used to plug in peoples into the financial system or initiate any transaction with government bureaucracy. (Note: I might not be on solid grounds here as I do not reside in these advanced countries). However, I gather that Christian believers raised issues with identification with numbers when such social welfare numbers were introduced in the US. The authorities then promised this would not be, alas these were empty promises because these numbers now identify US citizens and maybe so all across OECD countries. Now it is Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) for US citizens in Obamacare . Just as the whimper went out of the protest against the use of social welfare numbers for financial identification so would RFID become mandatory rather than voluntary.

Another historical antecedent is the numbering of holocaust victims by an earlier figure of the antichrist – aka Hitler. Then it was Jews being branded, but now it will be citizens of the world. [So Jesus said love not the world(1 Jon.2:15-20)]. When the antiMessiah arrives on the world scene we can see him getting real angry when believers say no to numbering.

A global conflict is coming. On one side will be the globalists with good intentions of wiping out poverty and on the other side Christians who believe and take Jesus at his words. These Christians would find it hard to explain how a scheme to provide everyone with $2 a day or food stamps is devilish. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions. God bless the person who coined this adage because I find it hard to explain my opposition to numbering, save that my Master Jesus abhors it and warns me against it.

Adedamola Olugbenga Jaiyesimi.

Published by midgdal

I believe the saints will go through the Great Tribulation before being evacuated from the Earth in the rapture.

4 thoughts on “Satan’s Number Is Up

  1. In as much as I appreciate the expllanatoonand understood everything inline with the scriptures. My understanding of the program of God is that, there will be serious preparation for anything that will be successfully executed at a particular period of time. So the Antichrist to must toe the line of preparation before the full lunch of the great tribulations which believers in Christ will not be part of. God is fully aware of all that is going on and He remain faithful to His plans for the saints.
    My admonision to all believers is to rain holy and focus on Christ alone till He comes to take us away. The Antichrist are not rwlaxing. We too must not seek rest now but rather remain watchful, vigilant and prayerful.
    Thanks so much for sharing


    1. Thanks for patiently going through the article and your comment. The matter of which you spoke so confidently about is so serious: it borders on eternity. If Jesus intended that the believers in Him will not witness the Great Tribulation, why did He not say so explicitly in the Olivet Discourse or the Scroll Of Revelation, two body of Scriptures that deal extensively with the issue of the End Times, the Great Tribulation and the Wrath Of God? I will be glad if you can provide one verse or two of the Scriptures that explicitly or implicitly say so. Also, what shall we say about the Fifth Seal Martyrs?(Rev.6:9-11). They are killed during the Great Tribulation for their faith in God. What shall we say about the fact that a certain number of saints must be killed during the Great Tribulation before its termination? What shall we say about the facts some believers are destined to be killed and others taken into captivity(Rev.13:10). When we deal with such serious issue as borders on eternal life and eternal death, there should be no sentiments. We must deal with real hard facts, biblical facts. Shalom! Maranatha.


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