Come Out Of Her My People

Come Out Of Her My People


 This article stems from the pretribulation claim that the Church is no longer mentioned after Revelation chapter 3 until Revelation chapter 19, notwithstanding the continued presence of believers, saints, martyrs, and those who continue to bear witness to Jesus during the persecution and the tribulation of the revealed beast. What could account for the narration in the book of Revelation shifting from the Churches to individual believers at the time of the End? Could it be for these reasons?

(1) A splintered Church. We have the Roman Catholic Church, Greek Orthodox Church, Russian Orthodox Church, Protestant Church, Anglican Church, African Church, and several others including Evangelicals. How will Jesus relate with a divided Church ?

(2) The Church today has become part of the Establishment World that is in emnity with God. Even, we that are called born again Evangelicals are now part of the United States Establishment helping to swing elections and frame policy. Any wonder the word Church takes a back seat in the middle chapters of the book of Revelation when the Beasts are on the world stage. Some of the Churches have become part of the popular culture engaging in worldly music and entertainment. It is beneficial for the Church to have political, cultural, and social influences: we are the salt of the Earth, but we Evangelicals, especially in the US, should know when to cease the romance lest we lose our savor ( Matt.513 ).

(3) In these latter days Church has come to mean various other things other than the body of Christ. It means a building, a religious service; I am going to church, it means a sect, which church do you attend? A denomination and a religion, I am a church goer.

(4) To rub it in we have a church of satan established sometime in 1971. Yes Satan is doing what it does best copying God’s finished works . All these reasons point to a loss of a reverence for the mystic word Church. Any wonder it is downplayed until the recongregation in heaven in Revelation 19 verse 7 at the marriage with Jesus. World religions including establishment christianity would be part of those preparing ground for the beast system. They will lead people to error by coercing the whole congregation along the path of apostasy. A hallmark of these churches is their disdain for eschatology and the teaching that the Church will go through the Great Tribulation. Any wonder that in these days our lord Jesus deals with individuals in church and not “church.”

Revelation 18 verse 4 seems to confirm this. Our Lord of lords speaks out and ask his peoples to come out of the Harlot system that consist of the great harlot and the daughters she spawned even though the true church is no longer here on Earth at this time and the Jewish remnants who have not taken the mark of the Beast are in protective custody in Azel. He is most probably referring to Gentiles who have not become part of the world religious system by refusal of the mark of the Beast and belief in the Messiah. The Bible uses her to describe an institution that has deep links and connection to politics and commerce. It holds great sway over peoples, nations, and tongues, and is in accord with kings, statesmen and kings of commerce, merchants of the wares of the apostate church called Babylon. What and who is this institution ? Better I leave this for more knowledgeable people like brother Avraham to discuss for another day. Suffice to say it seems to be a worldwide religious system that might have its roots in the very early mother and child religion that spawned many other religions and probably is still influential in modern day religions. Knowledge of these dynamics is helpful in the end times so we do not remain ignorant of spiritual forces that are linked to politics, commerce, and religion.

I am not writing to diminish the body of Christ the true Church. God forbid. I am writing to sensitize believers towards last days dynamics that might shift from establishment churches to individuals in the body of Christ, the true Church. The Church in these times will be buffeted from within and without and we must know when to heed the call to come out of her. Letters to the seven churches also contain admonitions to individuals and some very serious warnings.

Olugbenga Jaiyesimi.

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