Some Wrong Notions About The End Times

“And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done. Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers,Continue reading “Some Wrong Notions About The End Times”

The Tribulation The Great

Definition The word tribulation is the English translation of the Greek word “thlipsis.” It is also translated affliction, persecution, distress or trouble. It conveys the idea of pressure, affliction, persecution, anguish or trouble. It has a common root with the Greek word “thlibo” which is commonly translated persecution, and also both of them are usedContinue reading “The Tribulation The Great”

The Middle Of The 70th Seven Of Daniel

The 70th seven of Daniel is divided into two equal halves of three and one-half years, 42 months or 1,260 days each. The first half is called the beginning of sorrows or the beginning birth pangs. The second half, the real travail or hard labour so to say, consists of the Great Tribulation and partContinue reading “The Middle Of The 70th Seven Of Daniel”

The Campaign To Kill Jesus

I just viewed a video on the campaign to kill Jesus by the satanists. Some of us believers even ministers will dismiss this video off hand as arrant nonsense. But is it arrant nonsense? No, it is not. Those of us who believe it and raise an alarm against it are regarded as and labelledContinue reading “The Campaign To Kill Jesus”

A Return To Babel

The World: A Global Village After the deluge, Noah and his family who survived dwelt together in the land of Shinar which was in Mesopotamia. And they began to multiply and increase. God’s plan did not change after the deluge. It was increase, multiply, replenish the Earth and subdue it, as it was before theContinue reading “A Return To Babel”

W A T C H(2)

Technology One of the areas in which believers who are waiting for the coming of the Lord must be alert and observant is technology. A lot is going on regarding technology at the moment. Indeed it is a revolution. With the advent of computer technology and Artificial Intelligence(AI), technology has been revolutionized and taken toContinue reading “W A T C H(2)”

A Critique And Rebuttal Of Dr. Dave Williams’ 20 Pieces Of Counsel To Survivors After The Rapture(2)

Dr. Dave Williams: 11. Leave copies of this list for as many people as you can. Perhaps this will help others survive and come to Christ. Be discerning, however, in giving out books like this if the rapture has already occurred. Jesus said in Luke 21:16-17 that people will be betrayed by parents, brothers, relativesContinue reading “A Critique And Rebuttal Of Dr. Dave Williams’ 20 Pieces Of Counsel To Survivors After The Rapture(2)”

The Great Tribulation Before The Rapture And The Distinction Between The Great Tribulation And The Wrath Of God

To distinguish the wrath of God from the Great Tribulation, we must understand and appreciate the concept of payback or retributive justice. The wrath of God is a retribution, a recompensation, a retaliation, a payback to the unrighteous wicked who have murdered the saints of the Most High in the most outrageous and egregious manner.Continue reading “The Great Tribulation Before The Rapture And The Distinction Between The Great Tribulation And The Wrath Of God”

How Believers Can Survive The End Times

Repentance And Righteous Living As we approach the beginning of the 70th week of Daniel’s 70 week prophecy(Dan.9:27), it will become increasing difficult, nonetheless not impossible for believers to live holy and righteous as the world tries to force us into its own mold. Pollutions come to us on a daily bases from the thingsContinue reading “How Believers Can Survive The End Times”

Babylon And The End Times

In eternity past, Lucifer, the highest archangel, in charge of praise and worship in heaven rebelled against God, his master and creator(Is.14:12-20). He succeeded in luring one-third of the angels of God to participate in his revolt against God(Rev.12:3-4). Thusly, he became Satan, the adversary of God. He and his co-conspirators were tried and sentencedContinue reading “Babylon And The End Times”