The evolution Of The Mark Of the Beast

What is the reconstruction of the biblically accurate sequence of events of the end times to one who has THE MARK OF THE BEAST? It is like medicine after death. A physician who administers the most potent medicine after the death of his patient is a physician of NO value. Those of us Prewrathers who teach those who are covid vaccinated the PreWrath Rapture view are physicians of no value.

We must first of all warn our audience about the dangers of the C19 vaccines, then we can teach them the correct sequence of events of the end times after they have resolved not to ever take any of the C19 vaccines nor the RT-PCR tests. When we do the opposite, we put the cart before the horse. We go no where. We must chase away the fox first, then the hen can be warned against wandering in the bush. If we don’t chase away the fox first before warning the hen against wandering in the bush, the hen would be dead.

“Vaccine passports are digital identity schemes that can expand to include credit history & online behavior:” WEF report.

This is from the horse’s mouth. It is a Global DIGITAL IDENTITY SCHEME. It can EXPAND to include CREDIT HISTORY and ONLINE BEHAVIOR. It is not a VACCINE. It is THE MARK OF THE BEAST. It is a DOUBLE EDGED SWORD, a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION, a GLOBAL DEPOPULATION AGENDA. The LOGO of the WEF is 666 hidden in plain sight. They are killing two birds with one stone: population reduction and global 🆔 scheme.

The Logo Of The WEF With 666 Hidden In plain Sight

This people couldn’t be clearer. Every one on Earth either gets it or starves to death. Bill Gates has said everyone must get it. That is the agenda of the WEF. Klaus Schwab said: “until everyone is covid vaccinated, no one is safe.” Everyone must have a C19 vaccine digital ID that will be linked to CBDC. Microsoft has patented a cryptocurrency with bodily activities. The patent number is WO2020060606. Obviously THE MARK OF THE BEAST hidden in plain sight. The covid plandemic was cooked up by the global elites and the WEF to herd the whole of humanity into being digitally 🆔ed. According to Noah Yuval Harari, the covid pandemic is what convinced the world to accept digital 🆔. It is an ARTIFICIAL HEALTH THREAT manufactured by the global elites to get the masses of humanity to surrender their free will to be controlled by the global elites. It is medical tyranny. According to Kristalina Georgieva of Romania, the head of the IMF, there is no pandemic, it is all about Digital 🆔. How could one hear things like these from those involved the scheme and still remain skeptical or dismiss C19 as a pandemic and the covid bioweapon and Digital 🆔 scheme as a as a vaccine? This medical tyranny will lead to One World Totalitarian Government.It is an ARTIFICIAL THREAT manufactured by the global elites to get the masses of humanity to surrender their free will to be controlled by the global elites.

Oh! You see, the WEF and His Majesty’s Government are coöperating. The Magogites are ruling the world through the WEF and HM Government is their GRAND patron. Bear in mind that the Anglus and the Saxons are Magogites who migrated to the British Isles from Lower Saxony in Bavaria. Magog is the first son of Japheth the elder(Gen.10:2), and has the right of primogeniture which amongst other things includes leadership, priesthood and double inherititance. Global leadership shifted from Ham to Shem and then Japheth with whom it rests till the end of times.

The Shift Of Global Power From Ham To Shem And Then Japheth

The CBDC proposed by HM Government will be implemented worldwide through the Central Banks of nations. The WEF has told us that C19 vaccine passports are DIGITAL IDENTITY SCHEMES that can be expanded to include CREDIT HISTORY and ONLINE BEHAVIOR. And that includes your CARBON FOOTPRINT as well.

Why are they ignoring the Social Security Number(SSN) which has existed for nearly a century in Europe and US and Canada(North America) and the nascent NIN in Nigeria, and talking about expanding the C19 vaccine passport to include credit history and online behavior? C19 vaccines have killed millions and permanently injured millions more. It dovetails perfectly into their global agenda of world depopulation and control through digital 🆔.

The Church And The Mark Of The Beast

Please, don’t get me wrong. I do not belittle the Mystical Body Of Christ, the invisible Church, the Body Of All True Believers In Christ. I love them. Am concerned about them. They are my brethren in Christ. Am part and parcel of it. From the pulpit to the pew, all in the Church aren’t true believers. And we seldom know who is who considering the fact that the weeds and the tires are growing together(Matt.13:30).

I think there is urgent need to teach the Body Of Christ, THE EVOLUTION OF The Mark Of The Beast. Believers ought to know how it will evolve in order to follow the evolution and spot the Mark and avoid it altogether at all costs. The danger is that once the root is implanted under the skin, all that follows to the REAL McCOY is online upgrade. I didn’t invent that. The WEF said so in their report quoted above. According to Yuval Noah Harari, the next in human evolution is getting under the skin. It has already begun with C19. Man is now a hackable animal. Free will is over.

But when it comes to informing the saints of the evolution of the Mark Of The Beast, I find the visible Church and her leadership and teachers mostly practically useless. They are not telling us the truth. They don’t seem to know the TRUTH. So, they CANNOT teach nor tell us the truth. This is a very serious matter. Of what use is the most potent medicine after death? The best physician and the dick surgeon are powerless, masterly inactivated once the patient is dead. As the Igbos say, once the baby dies the maid or nanny is jobless and must be relieved of her duty. She goes home.

Let me state it clearly, no mincing of words, in bald language and with no holds barred: once one has been branded with the Mark Of The Beast, the most accurate biblical construct of PreWrath eschatology or the sequence of events of the End Times is of no consequence. They have already complied with the Mark Of The Beast. It is a matter of automatic upgrade. It is all or none law. Every good thing the governments offer is exclusively for the vaccinated. “The unvaccinated are not part of our society,” says Mario Draghi, the former Italian prime minister. It is a matter of time, these things will be made clear to everyone.

Covid Vaccine Digital ID Is Under The Skin Already

Digital 🆔 is already here with us: it is the covid vaccines. And don’t tell me, we are all intelligent beings, we can understand. We do not need to belabour the issue. How many times did we hear the Gospel before it made sense to us, before we believed? There are very few of us who heard the gospel once and believed. We eat practically the same foods everyday in order to remain nourished and healthy. We teach our children and remind them again and again about the same things until they sink in. It is exactly the same thing when it comes to spiritual food. If we don’t review our subjects very often, we forget due to memory decay. Am alarmed at how easily I forget certain things if I don’t review them often. Therefore, I formed the habit of reviewing certain things every day. There are chapters of the Bible I read everyday without let.

The Church is under Satanic Premedication and the anaesthesia will be be administered very soon. As Dr. Jaiye has said, the pastors have put their congregations under sleeping pills. That premise is correct, though I totally disagree with his inference that the NIN will evolve into the Mark Of The Beast. What happens to C19 vaccine QR Code already implanted under the skin of the vaccinated? Truth is parallel whether spoken at the shrine of Amadioha, Ogun, Sango, the Buddhist Temple, Hindu temple, the synagogue, Church etc. When we study the cultures and customs and traditions of the Middle East, we see some of the same principles and practices as are annunciated in the Jewish Bible among other ethnic groups though they were idol worshippers. It tells us that TRUTH is parallel. For example, The Code of Hammurabi which antedates The Mosaic Law of the Old Testament contains the same legal principles as are annunciated in the Mosaic Law. NIN is national, but the Covid vaccine digital scheme is international. It supersedes NIN.

Food As A Bargaining Chip

Food will be used as a bargaining chip. If one doesn’t have The Mark Of The Beast, one does not buy and sell.

“and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”(‭‭Rev.13‬:‭17‬ ‭KJV‬‬).

If food production is totally industrialized, the food manufacturers will control the supply. Look at what is happening in the Netherlands. The government wants to chase the farmers out of their lands in the guise of providing accommodation for new immigrants. It wants to take over food production and replace natural seeds with GMOs. In the US, the Biden Administration pays farmers to destroy their crops in order to create artificial food scarcity. So, there will be attempts to concentrate the food industry in the hands of the cronies of the antiMessiah. If one does not buy and sell, one does not eat. If one does not eat, one dies. So, food is a means of control of the masses. Bill Gates, the vaccine freak and eugenicist is the largest land owner in the US. Does that ring a bell?

Secondly, the food from the industry will be GMOs. By persistently eating GMOs, the eater is hybridized. Whether through GMOs, vaccines, climate change, chemical sprays and chemtrails, there is a total war on humanity being waged by the globalists. The goal is to kill off 7.5 billion people, the excess human beings(Noah Yuval Harari), the useless eaters(Dr. Lima Lebow), and the remaining 500 million will be humanoid zombies who will man robots that farm the land for the global elites. One is either destroyed or disqualified by hybridization.

Make no mistake about it. The vaccinated are infertile and fast becoming imbeciles too with 20 points drop in IQ. The PCR test apart from indirectly vaccinating the recipient also lobotomizes him or her. Chemical(biochemical and hormonal) Frontal Lobe ablation renders the C19 vaccine recipient an imbecile for life. Anatomically it is there and connected to the rest of the brain, but it is functionally useless. The depopulation agenda of the WEF is on track. They want to collapse world economy, cause inflation and food scarcity. The masses are more pliable when they are hungry. Whoever controls the food will control the people says Henry Kissinger. But they forget also that a hungry man is an angry man. And that the most unexpected can be expected from a humiliated people(French philosopher, Mark Ribald).

When will The Mark Of The Beast be revealed? At the midpoint of the 70th week of Daniel no doubt. But it will be in use long before that time. I have been shouting it for the past decade now. It is here now. It is vaccine digital 🆔. He that will hear, let him hear.

Human Health And The Mark Of The Beast

Of late two young Nigerians slumped and died. This sort of thing was extremely rare before the advent of covid vaccines. And some want us to sweep it under the rug and not say a word about it. Some have called for the arrest of Professor Noah Yuval Harari. On the contrary, I do NOT think he should be arrested. Who is going to arrest him anyway? Are they not the ones who set him up? He is telling us the truth with no holds barred unlike the hypocrites in the Church – GOs, bishops, Pentecostal archbishops and pastors – who urge us to get the C19 vaccines, who say fornication is damning, a mortal sin, a sin unto death, unpardonable, but altering human DNA is a venial sin and pardonable. It is on our body they say. It does not affect our spirit and soul. They groan and moan under the weight of NIN but keep mute about the C19 vaccines which alter human DNA and have killed millions and maimed others and rendered them infertile and subhuman. Hypocrites, blind guides of the blind who strain at a gnat but swallow a camel(Matt.23:24). They will both fall into a pit. They are the ones that should be called out.

If you think the covid vaccines are over, you have another thing coming. The synthetic mRNA is being reengineered for all vaccines and cancers, and will become the mainstay of medical treatment. Time is coming when we shall be compelled to take these vaccines or get out of the society. We shall hide in the bush to escape forced vaccinations. At that time, if you are 50 years old and above, and sick, if you ever enter the hospital, both general or private, you wouldn’t get out. You would be euthanized unless you are remarkably rich and contribute immensely to the global agenda or play what is deemed a significant and vital role in the system.

Those of us who teach eschatology from the PreWrath Rapture perspectives MUST emphasize this MOST important point or our work is USELESS. What is PreWrath eschatology to one who already has the MARK OF THE BEAST? Zoach!

Technology And The Mark Of The Beast

It is dangerous to read only the Bible. Some people boast about that. When you read George Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984, do they not throw some light on the End Times Scenario? When you read only the Scroll Of Revelation, you may end up thinking the Mark Of The Beast is just like a tribal mark or a number tattooed on the hand or forehead. No, it is far more than that. It is AI. It is a quantum computer operating system that reprogrammes one into a humanoid zombie. It connects one to the Internet Of Body and things. It is alien nanotechnology. It is self-assembling nanoscale technical device injected under the skin. It is a depopulation agenda. It is transhumanism via gene therapy. It is human-machine interface. It is human-demon interface. It is human-demon-machine interface. Human beings will interface with machines and demons. One is reduced to a patented electronic device. One becomes hackable and programmable. One is visible on Bluetooth, has a QR Code and Mac Address and IP Address.

It alters one’s genetics. One is demonized and externally manipulated. One loses free will, and becomes a humanoid zombie. One is monitored 24/7. One loses freedom. One can be programmed to behave in certain way, commit crimes, say certain things and even die in a particular way – say heart attack, thrombosis, degenerative brain disease, cancers, blood dyscrasias or simply drop dead etc.

Man Reduced To Numbers

They want you to become a number with a microchip under your skin so you can be a hackable animal. Human beings have been given numbers from time immemorial. I have given several examples in the past. But let me remind us of the case of the Jews as Concentration Camp inmates. They were given numbers before they were exterminated. It is a process of dehumanization. It salved the conscience of the Nazis that they were dealing with mere numbers and not persons. It is a psychological process of desensitizing the murderers of human sympathy and empathy.

When it comes to the Mark Of The Beast, you are not just given a number but a number with a microchip under your skin and much more that alters your humanity, personality, and dignity. The Mark Of The Beast is not just a mark or a number, it is alien nanotechnology and metamaterials. There are lots about it that meet the eye. There are lots about it that we do not yet know let alone understand.

Let no one deceive you(Matt.24:4; Eph.5:6; 2 Thess.2:3; 2 Tim.3:13; 1 Jon.3:7). If a subject is mentioned once in the Bible, it is not very important, but if it is repeated several times, it is VERY important.

NIN/SSN: A Precursor?

NIN does NOT change your genetic code. NIN does NOT give you blood clots. NIN does not cause menstrual irregularities and disregulation. NIN does NOT cause miscarriages or render fertile women and men infertile. NIN does NOT cause Guilliane Barre syndrome nor degenerative brain diseases. NIN does NOT cause cerebral aneurism nor blood clots in the brain. NIN has not killed any athletes nor does it cause them to keel over. NIN does NOT cause myocarditis in children and young men and women. NIN does NOT cause Sudden Adult Death Syndrome nor Multiple-organ Inflammatry Syndrome(MIS) in both children and adults. NIN has NOT caused anyone to fall down suddenly and die. NIN does NOT make you visible on Bluetooth. NIN does NOT give you a QR Code on your person.

I don’t know anyone who has put his NIN on a microchip(RFID), implanted it in his forearm or hand and is using it to buy and sell on the net as some in Sweden are doing with the C19 vaccines QR Codes. NIN is NOT universal, transnational nor mandatory. NIN is national. Your NIN identifies you as a Nigerian as much as the Social Security Number(SSN) identifies an American as a US citizen. In Europe and America SSN has been in use for over a hundred years. It has not metamorphosed into the Mark Of The Beast, nor will NIN. NIN is not on your person. It is external. It is time we stop leaving the substance to pursue the shadow. It is time we stop majoring in the minor.

Numbers have been used to identify people from time immemorial. In class in the primary schools we were given numbers in the class registers. When your number is called out by your teacher during roll call you answered present. When we write exams, we are given numbers. When I registered in Ife University in 1979, I was given a number 791177 which appeared on my 🆔 card. No other student will ever get that number in the history of the university. Giving people numbers is not new at all. I still remember the number I was given to write common entrance into Secondary school in 1972, OW/3245. Military personnel, soldiers and police officers are given numbers which identify them. But these are not The Mark Of The Beast.

Everyone on our WhatsApp platform has NIN. Anyone who has a phone # registered in his or her name has NIN whether he or she knows it or not. If NIN is The Mark Of The Beast, then we all have it. We might as well close this platform and go home. Registering for NIN is not the first time our biometrics like finger print and facial recognition were captured. Long before the introduction of NIN, our finger prints and facial ID were captured when we registered our phone #s, got our drivers license or international passport.

Mainstream Media

Over 1000 covid vaxxed athletes have dropped dead, the MSM have never once drawn our attention to it. If at all they say anything about it, they blame it on everything else other than the covid vaccines. There are about 32 speculations about the causes of adult sudden death syndrome including social media hatred, running too fast for athletes, and viewing television for hours, playing video games for hours or days nonstop, none of which is new. All over the world, even here in Nigeria, some who have taken the C19 vaccines have dropped dead suddenly, the MSM have never said anything about it. The leading cause of death in US and Uk is now Sudden Adult death Syndrome.

Vaccinated women have had miscarriages, the MSM have never said a word about it. Gynaecologists and Urologists who run fertility clinics have being reporting increases in female and male infertility, after the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines, the MSM have been deaf and mute about it. All over the world, statistics have reported excess deaths since the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccines, the MSM have been silent about it. Morticians, undertakers, and insurance companies have reported excess deaths, strange blood clots, following the introduction of Covid-19 vaccines, but the MSM has ignored it. It does not take an angelic visitation to see where their allegiance is. They are the stooges of the WEF and His Majesty’s Government. Thy are partners in crime with the WEF, the British Crown, the government of nations, Big Pharma and medical establishments and Health Institutions. They are complicit in the genociding of humanity.

The world is on a collision course with its Maker. Evil men will wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived even in the Church(2 Tim.3:13). Deception is the other of the day.

Take Covid for instance. Scientists are lying. Governments are lying. Pastors are lying, NGOs are lying. Big Pharma are lying. Medical doctors and medical associations are lying. MSM are lying. How on Earth will the world get better when it filled with liars, cheats and their lies. In Nigeria, soldiers and policemen frame young men up and kill them if they refuse to be exhorted. Young men in Sagamu don’t want to work, but they love luxury and the good life. So, they are busy stealing from the accounts of the masses every day with the collusion of some bank workers.

The Synthetic Messenger RNA

The Synthetic Messenger RNA is not science but lies. It is genetic poison. The SYNTHETIC mRNA technology is a quantum computer operating system intended to alter human genetic makeup, kill off a substantial portion of the human population, the useless eaters, the vulnerable and turn the survivors into humanoid zombies. Believers and indeed any person who fears God should have nothing to do with synthetic mRNA technology. Come not near it while you are in possession of your senses. I have been shouting it from the get go that the covid vaccines are no vaccines at all but viral gene based therapy. I had no scientific evidence then but just divine intuition and premonition. Now evidence abound.

Stefan Oelrich, the CEO of Merck in a secret meeting of Big Pharma executives(I have posted this video here several times) said the covid vaccines are gene therapy not vaccines. That if they announced them as gene therapy, 95% of the world population would not receive them. They had to call them vaccines . This is deceitful.

Psychological Brainwashing

Tell a big lie. Repeat it often, and people will start believing it. Joseph Geobells, the NAZI chief propagandist employed this psychological method which he learned from his Master, the Fuhrer himself, Adolf Hitler to deceive and to hypnotize the German populace, the most educated at that time in the whole wide world. Do you know that psychologists have found out it is easier to decieve and brainwash an intelligent and educated people than a village palm wine tapper or a stark illiterate? The German society in the 1930s and ‘40s was a prime example. They were brainwashed to hate Jews. The same is happening today. Antisemitism is on the rise in Europe and America, and we are more educated than ever. Humanity is being brainwashed, hypnotized and reprogrammed and the WEF is at the Centre of it. How many village farmers and palm wine tappers are CIA and Mossad agents? None. They are usually educated people: professors, university dons, scientists, government officials, CEOs of Big Pharma, Big Techs etc. often times, they are recruited without their knowledge of it. When they realize it and want to opt out, they are threatened and cowered into submission or held down by mouthwatering and lucrative offers.

Psychologists have also found out, it is easier to hypnotize the masses of humanity than an individual(Professor Matthias Desmet). Find something that makes the masses afraid and neurotic, usually a health scare. Besides, there are campaigns of intimidation and social engineering to bully the human populace to submission. Scientists who cry foul are silenced by threats of loss of job and grants for research, aborted carreers, and even death threats. Hundreds have disappeared into thin air, vaporized, or died under mysterious circumstances which are usually labeled natural deaths or suicides.

Covid Vaccine-Induced Maladies

Now evidence abound. 25% increase in cardiac emergencies amongst vaccinated children, and young adults. Over 1000 athletes have fallen down in the field of play and died. 80% of vaccinated mothers in the first trimester of pregnancy suffer miscarriages. Stillbirths, death-in-utero, abnormal babies with black eyes – so called COVID BABIES OR PANDEMIC BABIES – who die within 2-3 weeks of birth are on the increase. Thromboembolic phenomena, blood clots so thick they cannot be dissolved by the usual fibrinolytic agents, stage 4/5 cancers appearing within weeks of vaccination, prion(neurodegenerative) diseases even in the young, blood clots in the brain, massive cerebral aneurisms(aneurisms are rare except in combat life), autoimmune diseases, HIV+ tests etc. These are unheard of in medical history.

The list is endless. Pfizer’s own documents has 9 pages of adverse reactions and effects and show that over 90,000 people died within 2 weeks of the commencement of covid vaccinations. According to Prof Roger Hodkinson, Canada’s leading pathologist, the covid vaccines have killed 20 million people worldwide and injured 2.2 billion others. Despite these mountains of evidence, some Christians who suffer from mass psychosis and cognitive dissonance want us to go on receiving these vaccines for another 20-30 years in order to conduct cohort studies. How many people will be left alive or remain normal by then? They themselves would even be dead and gone, and wouldn’t be available for the study. Or else turned into lobotomized humanoid zombies who will not question anything.

Please NEVER believe whatever anyone says just because he is educated, a self-acclaimed scientist like Anthony Fauci who says any attack on his person is an attack on science, a government official, a pastor, a GO, a Bishop or self-acclaimed man of God. Search out the TRUTH for yourself. Be a Berean(Act.17:11). A jingoistic cowboy pastor ceremoniously took the vaccine in sports dress, and opined, “don’t follow the conspiracy theorists. Take the vaccine.

That the vaccine gets the Big Brother under your skin is no longer a conspiracy theory. It is now a conspiracy fact. If you think otherwise, please consult Noah Yuval Harari, the intellectual and philosophical patron of the WEF. On the day of judgment, you will stand alone to give account of yourself to God. Mr “Alagbaja” told me to do it will not be acceptable when tendered in evidence. Every man must give account of himself to God(Rom.14:12). And for the health officials who are jabbing people on the streets, the excuse that you are simply obeying orders and performing your duty as a health official or professional would not be tenable.

Anthony Fauci is no scientist but a REPTILIAN who serves his master the Devil and whose duty it is to populate Hell and render the remainder of humanity utterly useless humanoids; so also is Bill Gates. I say this before God the Father, before my Lord and Saviour Jesus The Christ and the Holy Spirit bears me witnesses with my own spirit that it is so.

Every day that passes by, more evidence are revealed. But the narcissistic, psychotic and Machiavellian sociopaths amongst believers will NEVER see it. So, we write not to warn them but as an evidence of their just recompence. And that the faithful may be strengthened in their resolve and the simple may learn and tremble before God who works wonders and mysteries His will to perform.

Prewrath Eschatology

Satan always has his antidote to every biblically accurate doctrine. Suffering and persecution are the lot of the saints, but for those who don’t want to suffer, it is the Pretrib Rapture view. God loves you so much He will NOT suffer you to meet the antiChrist. You will be secretly spirited away on the wings of the eagle out of the planet Earth before the antiChrist hangs out his shingles.

Pretrib is a FALSE doctrine. In no time, it will be obvious to everyone who holds it dear as true biblical teaching when the antiChrist brokers a 7-year peace pact between Israel and 7 of its Arab and Islamic neighbors and the saints are still much here.

Am also convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the Prewrath Rapture view is the most biblically accurate of all Rapture views. In the chronology of Rapture views, it is the latest, and yet the oldest. It is the oldest in that it was exactly what the Apostles of the Lamb and Church Fathers taught. It is the latest in that it is the last to be annunciated and given a theological LABEL. It is contradicted as it were by the other four rapture views – Pretrib, Midtrib, Posttrib, and the Partial Rapture Theory(which I consider to be utter eschatological NONSENSE).

There is a more potent satanic antidote to the biblically accurate rapture view. The first is that majority of those who teach this including the two ministries whose founders originated it, The Sign Ministries(Robert Van Kampen of blessed memory)and Zion’s Hope Inc(Marvin J. Rosenthal who passed into glory earlier this year) DO NOT teach on the EVOLUTION OF THE MARK OF THE BEAST. They are totally silent about it. They say nothing about the C19 Plandemic and it’s vaccines. If they ever mention covid in passing, it is the hardship the lockdowns and mandates engendered and brought upon humanity.

The two Prewrathers who have the bravado to say something about it, i.e., Joel Richardson and Nelson Walters dismiss it offhand as having NOTHING to do with THE MARK OF THE BEAST. They make bold to state that UNTIL the midpoint of the 70th week of Daniel, and the debut of the antiChrist at the rebuilt Jewish Temple on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem, The Mark Of The Beast CANNOT be implemented. The Scriptures DO NOT say so. (We go by what the Scriptures say as much as by what they do NOT say). This is a very DANGEROUS PRECEDENT in that The Mark Of The Beast is SCIENTIFIC. Science by its very nature which is the investigation of knowledge is not static nor stationary but dynamic and EVOLUTIONARY. It is always being improved upon. It can and will be UPGRADED. We must also bear in mind that the official narrative about C19 and its vaccines have proven false in every case. And that lies and deceptions are the order of the day.

Digital Slavery

Prewrathers and and indeed all believers must avoid microchipping in all its forms and ramifications. We must avoid DIGITAL SLAVERY at all costs which is where the world is headed. It has already come to FULL SWING and ORBE in China as matter of governmental decree. The people of Scandinavia have already embraced it as a exciting and useful scientific development even without persuasion by those in authority. Nearly all transactions in Sweden are cashless using microchips and C19 vaccines QR Codes in RFIDs in the ARM OR HAND or BOTH which are meronyms OR SYNECDOCHES for the WHOLE PERSON.

By MANDATES, QR Codes are being surreptitiously implanted in people Worldwide in the guise of Covid vaccines and RT-PCR tests. This practice renders our PreWrath Rapture eschatology redundant if we embrace it. It is like the most potent medicine administered by the most skilled physician or dick surgeon after DEATH.

While we ravel in our knowledge and bask in the euphoria of touting the PreWrath Rapture Eschatology as being the most biblically accurate view of eschatology which it is, we MUST NOT fiddle with the covid vaccines, PCR tests, fool around with microchips and vaccine digital 🆔s. They are slippery creek banks.

PreWrath Rapture eschatology is NOT an end in itself. It is a means to an end. The END is we must NOT take THE MARK OF THE BEAST: we MUST be rapturable and indeed be raptured; and we MUST enter Heaven.

As always, the choice is the individual’s. Man is a free moral agent. We make our choice to remain free or relinquish our freedom to the Global Elites, the forerunners, precursors, FORESHADOWS and heralds of THE antiMessiah.

PCR Test

A brother suggested that those who have The Mark of the Beast on their foreheads are double amputees and I agreed with that. It sounded reasonable. Now l know that that’s not true. In a video at the airport where passengers are scanned by UV scanners, those who glow on their foreheads are not double amputees. They are those who had the RT-PCR test. The buds used to swab the nose are NOT made of cotton but graphene oxide fibers laced with Luciferase and dipped in ethylene oxide which is a known carcinogen(cancer agent). In the video which I cannot post here, UV light was shined on these swabs and they glowed, so also the vaccines in the vials.

There are swabs made of cotton, not graphene oxide fibers, not laced with the enzyme luciferase and not dipped in ethylene oxide. The original swabs for PCR test are made in China. What has helped some of us who has had the PCR test in Nigeria is that the local swabs are not made with graphene oxide fibers and are not laced with luciferase nor dipped in ethylene oxide. The same is true of some of the PCR test swabs made in India. Those who are lucky to be swabbed with these CANNOT exhibit phosphorescence under UV light. They are the ones who are quick to say we are spreading covid vaccine misinformation and disinformation. The wicked and dubious perpetrators love it that way because it further advances their cause.

Those swabbed with this kind of swab do not exhibit the glow phenomenon under UV light. These things are easily verifiable. There are UV light touches. You see them in use in the video. The buds of the swabs appear like ordinary cotton fibers to unaided eye, but when examined under the microscope, they are hollow and tubular. Under UV light scanner, they glow. When stuck into the nose during PCR test, some of these graphene oxide fibers pass through the tiny holes in the cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone unto the forehead where they exhibit phosphorescence under UV light.

Dr. Carrie Madej said they are indirectly vaccinating people through the PCR test. That is exactly true. That is why some people have THE MARK OF THE BEAST on their foreheads. It is NOT because they are double amputees. The forehead is made up of the frontal bone and a thin muscle called the frontalis. It is not the proper sight for injections even in a double amputee.

From the heart, the blood flows upward to the head. That’s why the graphene oxide in the nose lodges in the forehead. The blood flows downwards from the shoulder to the fingers. That is why those who are vaccinated exhibit the phosphorescence at the sight of injection in the arm(deltoid), forearm or hand. This could be left or right hand depending on where they are injected. We know from the Scriptures that the Mark Of The Beast could be on the right or left hand or forehead.

“And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”(‭‭Rev.13‬:‭15‬, ‭17‬-‭18‬ ‭KJV‬‬).

“And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: and the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name. Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.”(‭‭Rev.‭14‬:‭9‬-‭12‬ ‭KJV‬‬).

“And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.”
(‭‭Revelation‬ ‭20‬:4 KJV).

The authorities have their closed circuits TVs under UV light at the airport or any port of entry. The passengers are viewed as they file through. They don’t really know what is going on. Those who don’t glow are intercepted. Some of them have genuine C19 vaccine QR Code cards. They got these genuine QR Codes but are not vaccinated. They bribed their way, but they wouldn’t get far before they are discovered. They won’t be allowed entry nor departure unless they are vaccinated. They are in a dilemma.

So it is better not to travel till all Covid restrictions are removed. But the bad news is that they aren’t going to remove them. It is THE MARK OF THE BEAST. It is here to stay. It could be more or less enforced depending on whom is in power in a particular nation, state or area. In Jigawa State, Nigeria, youth corpers are mandated to take the vaccine, and some of them have left the service because of that. It is the antiChrist himself that will make it mandatory worldwide and will enforce it. Don’t wait until that day to know what it is. Tomorrow may be too little too late.

Biden announced on 18th September, 2022 the Covid pandemic is over, but unless you are a US citizen, you cannot get into the US except you are fully vaccinated. Besides, the Biden Administration has extended Covid lockdowns and measures till April 2023. Why?Even if they remove covid vaccine mandates, they have gone and re-engineered all vaccines with the mRNA technology. Whatever vaccine one gets now, one is digitally 🆔ed. Prof Michael Yeadon has been warning about it. Who has ears to hear with, let him hear. Besides, Klaus Schwab addressing the B20 summit in Bali, Indonesia said that covid vaccines from all G20 countries will be equally acceptable and that everyone must be fully vaccinated or PCR tested. Why? Is covid a threat to anyone? No. It is in pursuance of their global agenda of getting everyone on the globe digitally 🆔ed preparatory to the introduction of CBDC for the cashless system of the antiChrist: and killing off the vulnerable to reduce the world population to the barest minimum.

Dr. Christiane Northrop, a well known anticovid vaccine crusader said she and her group were transiting through an airport in the US and were asked to show their Covid vaccine passports. She told them plainly they were not vaccinated and wouldn’t get vaccinated. It is their right as citizens. But there were some in their group who said they were vaccinated and whiped out their Covid vaccine QR CODE certificates. The airport authorities told them they were not vaccinated even though their QR CODES were genuine. Indeed they had obtained genuine Covid vaccine QR CODES but they were not vaccinated. It is not everyone that says he or she is vaccinated that is vaccinated.

The Covid vaccine certificates have been bought and sold and are being bought and sold even till today. Some just received placebo – normal saline or water for injection. And others NOTHING at all. The vaccine manufacturers know what they are doing. Even in the same batch, some vials contain ordinary water for injection and some normal saline. Some vials contain various percentages of graphene oxide. They don’t want all the recipients to drop dead at once. That would be too alarming and shouting.

Those who received placebo are their advocates that the vaccines are safe. In Britain as well as in the US, there are excess deaths since the introduction of the covid vaccines and people are keeling over and athletes are dropping dead in the fields of play. People are dying in there sleep. One thing common to them all is that they are all vaccinated with the covid jabs. The world’s most renowned cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough has attributed this phenomenon to injury to the myocardium by the synthetic mRNA vaccines induced spike proteins and the release of cathecholamines on waking from sleep or under stress which cause arrhythmias and sudden death. It is for the same reason that people are keeling over in the streets. Some vaccinated soldiers have died in their sleep in their camps. The Pentagon has now suspended mandatory covid vaccination for US servicemen. What about those who were dismissed from the military because of their refusal to be covid vaxxed? Besides, there other vaccines mandated for servicemen: they have all been re-engineered with the same mRNA technology in the covid vaccines. Either way, there is no escape.

Dr. Northrop suspected they had an instrument through which they are able to know who is vaccinated and who is s not. And she was right.There are UV light TV monitors, body scanners and touches. In the future, robots, humanoid or otherwise would be deployed to roam the streets to identify those who aren’t vaccinated.

Church And Humanity

Humanity is duped and the Church is fiddling. We must warn humanity. We must warn the brethren. If all one could do is tell people not to take the PCR test and the Covid vaccines, one would be a hero in Heaven. I would rather spend a few minutes to tell someone to believe in Jesus and not take the vaccine than to spend hours trying to teach him the correct sequence of events of the end times. I spent seven years teaching eschatology in this town, I wonder how much of the details my audience remember. In fact some of them are Covid vaxxed already and have had the PCR test too. In Revelation 14, the three angelic announcements – which are the everlasting Gospel – are: worship God: Babylon, the false religion of the antiChrist is fallen; and don’t take the mark of the beast(6-11). In time of emergency, you don’t have time for elaborate teachings and doctrines. Are they important? Sure. But now, time is of essence, and certain urgent and most important pieces of information must be given primacy.

A friend of mine who is an evangelist just announced to me he has just concluded a 60-day crusade, but he and his entire family are covid vaccinated. Another friend of mine, a pastor told me he and his family and entire congregation are covid vaxxed. Blind leaders of the blind. They will both fall into the pit. Another minister who preaches on Holiness held a meeting in Abuja and participants who came from abroad had to be vaxxed to come into the country. What a parody of Holiness! How can you be preaching Holiness and believers have to get The Mark Of The Beast to attend your meeting? Is that Holiness? What a travesty of Holiness. Another minister whom I respect told me to stop sending him any of my posts on the dangers of Covid vaccines. He says he is not a medical doctor, and wants to concentrate on his calling: he has so much to read. But sadly he is undecided on Covid vaccines, and some of his congregants are already Covid vaxxed with his tacit approval. Yeah, a man of God must study to show oneself approved unto God(2 Tim.2:5). But of what use is the shepherd’s study when his sheep are in Hell? What is biblical scholarship to a man whose soul is in Hell?

Another minster told me he is not a medical doctor and wants to devote his entire life to to his calling: he has so much to study and learn. Good decision no doubt. But meanwhile some of congregants have also taken the Covid vaccines and are chipped already. Has he forgotten that God’s people are destroyed due to lack of knowledge(Hos.4:6). That a priest who lacks the relevant knowledge is ineffective. That he would not be excused in Heaven regarding his ignorance about covid and its vaccines simply because he is not a medical doctor. He should read the Talmud. The rabbis discussed practically everything on Earth that is relevant to human existence.

Am so happy that the TRUTH about covid and its vaccines has got to the riverine areas and villages in Nigeria. Government mandates or not, and Gov-idiots in the guise of doctors and health care workers who dismiss the TRUTH about Covid vaccines and PCR test as misinformation by what they consider Cov-idiots like myself not withstanding. My body my choice, educated or not, having heard the truth, the choice is the individual’s. Let NO man deceive you(Matt.24:4).

Avraham Shallom.

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I believe the saints will go through the Great Tribulation before being evacuated from the Earth in the rapture.

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