Matthew 24: Debunking Pretribulation Rapture View.

Usually ones run in with pretribulationists is when a believer’s attention is drawn to biochipping and numbering of men to continue participation in world commerce. They , the pretribers retort, ” why worry? You would have been ruptured!”

I have asked them to produce scriptures that teach us we would be raptured before the revealing/ unveiling of the antiChrist. Usually, they are unable to produce Scriptures that support their position. I do hope some pretribers would accept this challenge and lead us to Scriptures that support Pretribulation Rapture Position.

In the meantime, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, I would proceed to highlight/bring scriptures that place end time believers with the pernicious one revealed.

Where else to start but with our Lord’s teaching in Matthew 24. Pastor Avraham Zion’s teachings have been helpful in making Matthew 24 clearer. It turns out that the chapter is a chronologically linear capsule to the very end.

Jesus must have seemed uninterested by the architecture of the temple- unimpressed by it. After all Jesus knew of the real in heaven, and this earthly one was to be destroyed anyway. This must have piqued the interest of the disciples, as they later approached Jesus for more information into the future. Note that it was when the disciples showed interest that Jesus taught them eschatology. Oh! Wish believers would give eschatology the priority it deserves, and we would see how the Holy Spirit would open our eyes to the signs of the times. In fact Mathew 24 is one of the least referred chapters from the pulpit.

It is interesting that Jesus starts His discourse with a warning to us that we be not misled into error( Mat.24:4). Are not Pretribulation, Midtribulation , and Posttribulation Rapture Positions capable of doing just that?

Between verses 5&9 of Matthew 24, our Master lays on ( describes) routine history -wars, earthquakes, floods and famines etc. Famines in today’s parlance can be equated to economic turmoils and upheavals, recessions, depressions, financial meltdowns and collapse, rather than the hungry populations due to poor harvest. Jesus warned that this is not the End, but the beginning of the end and routine history( v 8). We see that there is a beginning well defined. Verse 9 then warns of the coming suffering upon believers- hated of all nations. Verse 10 describes an antichristian world beyond the present postchristian world seen in the West.

Brethren no mention of the Rapture yet. Just Jesus asking us to brace up for the coming attack on believers, with verse 13 warning us to endure, and verse 11 warning us of errors about these teachings.

Verse 14 declares commencement of the End just after the good news is preached to all nations( technology has made this possible).

Fast forward to verse 21-25. Verse 25 says, ” see I have warned you before hand. Why would our Master warn us of this Great Tribulation, if we believers are not going to experience it? Where in the Bible are we believers divided into prerapture believers and postrapture believers as pretribers are wont to explain this scenario away- be careful of false prophets leading many into error( v 11).

Fast forward again to verse 29-31, which at last debut the rapture of the elect. Verse 29 starts with immediately after the tribulation of those days. And verse 31describes our dramatic rescue- the rapture of the elect of God.

No ambiguities here, our Master Jesus warning disciples, and the elect, and saints that it was not going to be rosy for us right on to His coming again for His church. A coming which is will cut short and amputate the oppression of His own chosen ones. Comforting words so that we do not give up, but endure the antiChrist’s persecution ( v 12,22). The Book of Revelation is full of such encouragement to believers ( Rev.7: 9-14; 15:2-4). So also is the Book of Daniel to which our Master Jesus alludes in verse 15 of Mat.24( cf. Dan.8:23-24). So also the second letter to believers in Thessalonica. Th Holy Spirit through Paul, correcting error of some by saying that the Rapture will not occur until the antiChrist is revealed( 2Thess.2:1-5).

I am addressing the issue of our elders telling believers not to perturbed about the coming of the antiChrist, since his persecution and reign will be over nonbelieving world. The Olivet Discourse( Mat.24), does not support this view. The antiChrist is unveiled in verse 15, while the rapture takes place in verse 31.

It is all so consistent that one wonders where pretribers are coming from. Verse 11 of Mat.24 explains how within the church, many have arisen to deceive and lead many to error and damnation as they are not prepared for the reign of the antiChrist.

Brethren, I am not writing to bring fear but joy. Joy similar to a bride receiving her groom. A joy similar to a father welcoming home a son who has been away in a foreign land. And as our Master Jesus puts it, the joy of a new mother receiving her new born in her hands after a prolonged labour.

I encourage us to be prepared like the five wise virgins. Emphasis is necessary because if you live a holy life but get chipped to continue your daily transactions under the rule of the antMessiah, you cannot make it to heaven with Jesus. You have chosen Satan’s Mammon , money, and you cannot serve two Masters. The Pretribulation Rapture view, leads to a state of mind that prevents preparedness to cope with the antiChrist, while the pre-God’s- wrath Rapture View is consistent with the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation.

Olugbenga Jaiyesimi.

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