The Genesis Of Cosmic Disturbances

Sunspots appear as dark holes because they are 4,000 degrees cooler than the corona. CMEs are jettisoned into space through sunspots in most cases. CMEs disrupt communication satellites, cellular signals, wifi etc, for a short time. If the sun becomes a sunspot, it will turn into darkness. With the absence of sunlight, the moon will no longer give its light. Massive solar winds, CMEs jettisoned from all parts of the surface of the sun, to all parts of the galaxy will impact stars, planets, asteroids, comets, and the Earth throughout our solar system

What if God causes the entire sun itself to become a sunspot, which would turn it to darkness.  With the absence of sunlight then the moon would not give its light.  Massive solar winds…CMEs jettisoned from all parts of the surface of the sun, to all parts of the galaxy impacting stars, planets,asteroids, comets, and the earth throughout our solar system.  

This would certainly cause the powers of the heavens to be shaken.  It could throw asteriods, comets, toward the earth which will explode in the atmosphere causing fires, explosions, resulting in pillars of smoke.  A great earthquake would occur also. All man made power and energy sources would cease and the earth would be in complete darkness.  Communications disrupted, world atomic clock would stop.  It would appear as time has stopped because God’s time pieces created on the 4th day  are cloaked in the darkness.  Every soul on earth will think that the earth is about to be destroyed, except those who know it’s the sign ending the tribulation, Jesus about to appear in the clouds, and the Day of Wrath has begun. 

Then a trumpet blast, a great shout, Jesus appears in the sky in shekinah glory with a light brighter than  a thousand suns overcoming the darkness…every eye will see him.  In my opinion, on the day that it occurs, all these things will transpire within one hour.  A day known only to God, an hour we don’t expect.  With perception by earthlings that time has stood still, no one will sense how much time has passed.  All sense of orientation of the living will be completely turned upside down.


The bottom line is …..the Sun will be the catalyst behind the celestial disturbance.  Even an eclipse shows the corona of light around the moon when it is at full eclipse.  Something magnanimous will occur with the sun.   We also know that the lights come back on not long afterwards, because the angel with the seal to be placed on the 144,000 is seen ascending with the rising sun.

Which makes me think that this event will occur during the later portion of daylight hours over Jerusalem. Continue into the night then end during the night, and the sun rises the next morning.  The Shekinah glory will return to the throne of God, with Jesus and the raptured.  It has to, or else the sun would not be seen rising due to the overpowering light of Jesus.   

Ken Smelko.

Published by midgdal

I believe the saints will go through the Great Tribulation before being evacuated from the Earth in the rapture.

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