The Monetary System Of The World

A fundamental change has come upon the world. After the air we breathe, money has become the next necessity of life. Homo economics, successor to Homo sapiens needs money to acquire water and food. Money answereth all things(Eccl.10:19). This new necessity of life is least understood by people, especially followers of Jesus Christ. The Lord had alluded to this new reality when He said you cannot serve two masters(Matt.6:24;Luke 16:9,11,13).

In God’s economy, all necessities are given freely, abundantly and graciously. However, as history progresses, the Antichrist(AC) heading the world system and world governance would award money “graciously” only to those who accept him.

Putting money under strict scrutiny would start to spring up surprises of the true nature of money. Some facts, money is a debt in its entirety. And who is given out this debt to enslave? If you think you own the money in your bank account, think again. Your central bank controls how you access it. Also there is not one type of money. You have M0, M1, M2, M3, which represent from coins and notes in circulation to high finance of shares and derivatives- ingenious ways of creating money out of nothing. Money is really a worthless store of values and wealth. Why? It is backed up by intangible thing called trust- human trust that can waver. Valuable money can turn worthless just like that.

Money is still evolving as we read/speak and not only governmental authorities issue money as credit. The bulk of money in circulation is issued or created by private banks. We can see that there is more to money. It is mysterious even spiritual- something out of nothing. It is enslaving rather than liberating as we think. As we accumulate more to ourselves, it ensnares us. Finally, it is going to determine where some will be in eternity(Rev.18).

If money is a stumbling block into heaven, should we followers of Christ handle it without full knowledge of what we are dealing with? Is money so neutral, with no life of its own or is it evil in itself? To answer this question, we need to go into the story of money, it’s history, evolution and the future of money, particularly the future of money.

Olugbenga Jaiyesimi.

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