Comatose Church In Africa

Believers in Africa are sleeping. They are not keeping watch for the coming of the Master as the the Church Age winds up. Pastor Zion, a writer, believes it is like an anaesthetically induced sedation. Pastor Zion is also a physician like Saint Luke, so the apt description.

Ask yourself, when last and how often does the pulpit allow or give sermons on the signs that precede the end times? Do we read books on it the way we read books on prosperity, faith, healing, miracles etc. Are there books written by Nigerian or African Christian writers on the important subject of eschatology?

Nigerian Christians are focused on fear of death, fear of suffering, and success or prosperity enhancing books or tapes. Let’s juxtapose this with the situation across the Atlantic. Immediately Obamacare became public, evangelical Christians in the U.S. raised the specter of the Antichrist machinations. Most literature on eschatology come out of the USA. Remember the eschatological novel, the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. It became an all time best seller further sensitizing Americans about the end times.

A poll revealed that 42% of Americans believer we are living in the last days, remarkably high for a nation of non-church goers.

There are websites, magazines and literature sharing with us the latest developments in politics, technology, finance, and religion. Developments that point to the enthronement of the Antichrist and his world governance.

Compare and contrast these with happenings in our country, Nigeria, and continent, Africa. In recent times, the superstructure of the Antichrist is coming up without a wimp or warning from church bodies such as Christian Association of Nigeria( CAN), or Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria( PFN).

What developments around us point to the Antichrist’s ascendancy?

1. Pursuit of cashlessness.

2. Capturing of every soul by various registration exercises: mobile phone # and bank account # registrations.

3. Finance platform national idenfication of citizens.

4. Biometric data captures.

5. Single phone # no matter the network.

6. Single bank number for your accounts and bank transactions.

There is steady progress in ushering in a cashless society while other sectors of the economy are left in the Stone Age – no power, no fuel, no public transportation, no rail etc.

Did you give your phone # while filing for national ID? If you did, you are fully captured on a supercomputer. By the way, why the need for your mother’s maiden name in the forms? Ponder the question and more would be said about it later.

Are these registration exercises innocuous? The authorities, our government, say the exercise will battle societal ills like corruption, terrorism, fraud, poverty, money laundering etc. As the saying goes, “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions”

The enthronement of the antichrist would be based on good intentions of resolving global financial crisis, poverty eradication particularly in Africa. Also going after third world politicians who run banana democracies, drug barons, and terrorists by tracking financial dealings, and preventing money laundering.

Why is the church in Africa so complacent? One of the reasons is the doctrine of pretribulation rapture, which states or teaches that believers would not be around during the unveiling and reign of the Antichrist. So, why bother? Leave him(the AC) with the unbelievers, the half-believers, and the new believers left behind after the rapture. Really? The scripture says the spirit of the Antichrist is already abroad in the world(1Jon.2:18). It is the driving spirit in the World, so, we are admonished not to love the World(1 Jon.2:15-17). It is alive and well both overtly and covertly.

You want proof that the Antichrist is alive and well? Consider Europe, bastion of Christianity, to which Apostle Paul turned after receiving the Macedonian Call. Today, Europe is considered postchristian, and have already lapsed into antichristianity with overt criticism, persecution, and bad mouthing of Christians. More proof are legalization of same sex marriages and sexual aberrations, and thumbing their finger at God.

What is driving serious persecution of christian believers in a world dominated by Christian nations? Would Muslims be so persecuted if Islamic nations were the top economic and military powers?

Brethren, we are asleep. There being no persecution in our backyard does not mean the time of tribulation has not come. Tribulation is alive and well in China, India, Middle East, Africa, even Northern Nigeria. A question! Who should Christians in Nigeria be wary of, Boko Haram or the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) that says if you do not get bank verification number( BVN) you cannot bank- meaning do commerce in Nigeria? Is it not akin to if you do not take a mark, you cannot buy or sell? Listen, if Boko Haram do not get you, CBN would sooner or later will get you. So be prepared, be watchful, be faithful and be prayerful(Matt.25:1-30; Luk.18:1-10).

Let me leave you with this current happening in India. This is not fantasizing or playing scenarios, it happened this year. India is way ahead of Nigeria with capturing of all its citizens on national identification scheme. Hinduism is the main religion in India, and the central government is Hindu based. Christians are being lured into converting to Hinduism using the national ID cards. They are promised welfare benefits, and once they are captured on the national ID scheme, they are told they have become Hindu again.

Brethren, it is the same old story as in the garden of Eden when Adam and Eve were instructed not to eat the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil(Gen.2:17; 3:1-19). Now we are instructed not to take the mark of the Beast. But a group is explaining it away that the rapture would have taken place before we are confronted with this choice. How come we are forewarned when we do not need it? We are forewarned so that we can resist it. We should not allow Satan to lure us once again as he did to Adam and Eve. Interestingly the story of pretribulation was started by a woman, a charismatic visionary teenager called Margaret MacDonald in 1828.

Another biblical parallel to this time is the way Pharaoh was able to enslave and own his subjects by supplying their needs in harsh economic times. A man of God, Joseph was instrumental in this scheme. So also is the Christian West instrumental in foisting the kingdom of the Antichrist on us inadvertently.

Let’s key in to God’s game plan(COSMOPOLITICS), and we will not be troubled. We would actually be happy and joyous because we know our Lord arrives back soon. MARANATHA.

Gbenga Jaiyesimi.

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