The English word Satan is the anglicized form of the Hebrew word Shatan which means adversary. So, Satan and its cognates like satanic, satanist, satanism etc are linguistically of Hebrew origin. The concept of Satan however is universal. Am yet to find one language in which there is no word for the Devil, even in those languages into which the Bible has not been translated. Satan is the supreme personality of evil. He is the adversary and the enemy of God and His children. He is the enemy of Israel and the originator of antisemitism.

The Origin Of Satan(s.28:11-19).

In the passage of the Scriptures in the scroll of Isaiah referred to above, the king of Tyre is being addressed. But the addressee went beyond the immediate personality of the King of Tyre to an invisible personality who is the actual ruler of Tyre in the heavenlies. This is a literary device called double reference. It is observable in Igbo literature and culture. There is a way in which a child will be addressed and it is no longer the child that is addressed but the elder who is behind the child. However, the child is not fooled. He goes home, and reports to his Daddy or guardian who takes up the challenge. Angels were created of God in eternity past( 28:13c,15). There is a hierarchical order of angels in heaven. Satan was one of the archangels of God alongside Michael and Gabriel. Indeed he was the highest archangel. He was in charge of praise and worship in heaven. Whilst other angels had external musical instruments with which to praise God, his were built into him by God(28:13c). He needed not bear external musical instruments. He was created perfect but not perfected. He was extremely beautiful and full of wisdom(28:11). But he corrupted his beauty and wisdom. What can one do with a beautiful but foolish woman! Wisdom that does not bring us to the feet of Jesus is utter foolishness.

It does appear however that in eternity past, there was no separation between heaven and Earth; for Satan was in Eden the garden of God though in charge of praise and worship in heaven. It was in this same garden that Adam and Eve were located when they were created and had unlimited access to God; for God used to come in the cool of the evening to fellowship with Adam. That was romantic(Gen.3:8). It was indeed so, for there was no sin. Where there is no sin, there is no separation between the Creator and His creation. Besides, there is no distance in the realm of the spirit. One could wish to be anywhere, and immediately one would be there.

Almost all the precious metals used to garnish the foundations of the new and heavenly Jerusalem were used to beautify Satan. I do not suppose that we assume these were physical and perishable metals, but heavenly equivalents which signal God’s eternal glories and mysteries(27:13; Rev.21:18-20). He was the anointed cherub that covereth, and walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire(28:14). He was perfect until iniquity was found in him(28:15). Satan’s sin was prideful arrogance. He was not content with playing a subordinate role in the divine governmental setup, but coverted the supreme position of the overall ruler of God’s universal kingdom. He did not want to play second fiddle. His heart was lifted up because of his beauty, and he corrupted his God-given wisdom by reason of his brightness(28:17). Solomon also abused the wisdom of God by using it to harvest women. He established a harem of 1,000 beautiful ladies, 700 wives and 300 concubines(1 Kings 11:3). Did that not lead to the division of the theocratic kingdom of Israel? The counsel of Ahitophel was as if one consulted the oracle of God. He used it against the anointed of the Lord and was consigned to the refuse of history(2 Sam.16:23; 17:23). There are those who urge us to believe in their god, but their paradise consists of nothing but upgradable number of perishable virgins. But flesh and blood shall not interior the kingdom of God, neither doth corruption inherit incorruption(1 Cor.15:50). In heaven, they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angles. There is no flesh to glorify in heaven. Wisdom is attractive. But it must not be channeled to selfish ends and interests.

In Ezek.14, there is a movement in reference to three personalities from the literal king of Babylon in the latter days(14:4), who is one of the kings of the ten nation confederation, to the Beast-Antichrist, the ultimate head of the satanic kingdom of corrupt human government in the latter days which is also referred to as Babylon(14:11,12), to Satan himself, the supreme personality of evil(14:12-17), and back to the Beast-Antichrist who shall receive no burial in his final disposition(14:16-20). There is overlap in these references, an exhibition of the phenomenon of double reference referred to previous.

Satan’s original name was Lucifer. How are thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How are thou cut down to the ground, who did weaken the nations(14:12). In five I wills, Lucifer assayed to overthrow the Sovereign Lord of the universe. He said in his heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the Most High(14:13,14). God Almighty responded: thou shall be brought down to Hell, to the sides of the pit(14:15). None of these two sentences have been executed. Satan is not in Hell now nor is in the abyss. But both shall be accomplished in the end times.

We understand also from Rev.12:3,4, that Satan succeeded in luring one-third of the angels of God to join in his rebellion against God. A trial was held in eternity past. Satan was found guilty of insubordination and rebellion against the Almighty God. He was sentenced to eternity in the Lake that burneth with Fire and Brimstone alongside his evil and rebellious angelic followers. Hell was built for Satan and his fallen angels(Matt.25:41). He and His fallen angels were evicted from heaven’s premises and cast into the Dark void and starry heavens. He appealed, accusing God of injustice. To prove His righteous judgment, God made man in His image and likeness, higher than angels but a shade lower than God(Gen.1:26; Heb.2:6-8). He put man in the same garden of Eden and suffered him to rebel against Him. He meted out the same punishment to man. In the day thou eateth of it, thou surely shall die(Gen.2:17). The soul that sinneth, it shall die(Ezek.18:4,20). The wages of sin is death( Rom.6: 23a). So, human history is an appeal trial of Satan and his evil angels. The universe is a divine court in session. Man is the guinea pig in the divine experiment. Satan and his fallen angelic followers have made their choice: they are locked in unrighteousness. They can never repent. There is no divine provision for their redemption. But with man, made in the image and likeness of God, it was not so. God made provision for the redemption of man. Herein lies the origin of the cosmic conflict between Satan and God over the souls of men.

We haven stated that Satan was the highest archangel. Even in his fallen state, he still bears his glory and anointing, albeit in a corrupt form. None of the other archangels dare challenge him in and of themselves. And we the saints dare not challenge him either, in and of our own abilities but in the name and fear of the Lord. When Michael, the chief of the warrior angels strove with him over the body of Moses, he dared not bring against him a railing accusation, but he overcame him by saying, the Lord rebuke thee(Jud.9). When Satan stood at the right of Joshua the high priest, the son of Josedek, a returnee from exile in Babylon because he was clothed with filthy garment. The Lord rebuked Satan saying: the Lord that has chosen Zion rebuke(Zech.3:2). Even during the great tribulation, we shall overcome him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of our testimonials, and being willing to die for what we believe(Rev.12:11). The best way to respond to Satan is by faith in the spoken word of God.

We have also mentioned that part of Satan’s corruption was his beauty. Outwardly he is extremely handsome, but inwardly, he is very hideous. He is small in stature, about the size of Michael Jackson. But he has an unusual anointing. He has not been divested yet of any of his God-given glories. He manipulates these to his advantage. He can use demonic expansions to appear bigger in size and give a false impression of ubiquity. But when the power of God reduces him to his real size, he is so small of stature and can only be in one place at the same time. He is not omnipresent, neither is he omnipotent nor omniscient. These attributes are the prerogatives of the Godhead.

We also said he was in charge of praise and worship in heaven. Also, he has not lost that anointing. He uses it also to his own advantage. He is the author of all worldly music. He is also the power behind much of what is called christian music in the church today.

The Appellatibes Of Satan.


This is believed by christians to be the proper name given this archangel by God. The English word Lucifer means light bearer. It is the English translation of the Greek word phosphoros, which in turn is a translation of the Hebrew helel ben shahar which means son of the morning. From lucifer, the adjectival forms luciferine, luciferian and luciferous are derived. How are thou fallen from heaven, O lucifer, son of the morning(Is.14:12). He was the bright and shining one by reason of the glory of God with which he was clothed. It was the brilliance and wisdom of this archangel that led him into rebellion against God. Appealing to the phenomenon of double reference, the name brilliant star was originally given to the king of Babylon, but also applied to Satan by reason of the mention of the fall from heaven. Because of the evil associated with this name, no one wants to bear it. However, it is on record that a certain Bishop of Cagliari in Sardinia in the 14th century, locally regarded as a saint, bore this name lucifer.

The Devil.

The English word devil is the translation of the Greek diabolos from which we derive the English word diabolical and its cognates. It implies wickedness. The devil is a very wicked spirit being. He is the slanderer and the archenemy of man’s interest(Job 1:6;2:4-6). Following the fall and his subsequent eviction from the premesis of Heaven, he has no job. Therefore he roams the planet Earth, going to and fro, and walking up and down in it(Job 2:2). Like a roaring lion, he prowls around, seeking whom he may devour(1 Pet.5:8). In the KJV, the word devil is a translation of the Greek word diamone, which means demon. Diamone is best translated demon, inasmuch as there is only one devil(diabolos but several demons( diamone). Sometimes, idiomatically, both men and evil spirits are referred to as devil or devils. This usage is sometimes distinguished by capitalizing the d when referring to the Devil. He is the supreme personality of evil and the god of this Age(Jon.12:31; 14:30). He is the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now workers in the sons of disobedience(Eph.2:2).

The Dragon.

He is the great red dragon who attempted to devour the man child of the woman as soon as he was born(Rev.12:2). He has seven heads and ten horns. The seven heads signal the seven beast empires of satan which have oppressed Israel throughout history. These are Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medopersia, Greece, Rome and Hitler’s Third Reich of Nazi Germany( Rev.17:9-12). The ten horns are the ten kings of the ten nation confederation of the 8th and final beast empire(Rev.13:2: Ezek. 38:1-5). These are Magog, Meshech, Tuval, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Cush, Phut, Gomer and Togarmah. Satan being a spirit being, has no physical body. As the god of this Age, he rules the world by proxy, by the agency of his minions. These could be individuals, institutions, nations and their kings. We could see here that the seven heads and ten horns signify empires and their responsible emperors, and nations or kingdoms and their responsible kings.

The Serpent.

After the fall and his subsequent eviction from the earth’s premises, Satan perverted his God-given wisdom. He became very crafty and is the master deceiver. Because of his sly nature, he is described as the serpent. The serpent is a creature known for its subtility. He uses camouflage and subterfuge in his bid to subvert. Like the venom of the serpent which could be deadly, Satan exhibits utter wickedness. He beguiled Eve and led humanity into rebellion against God(Gen.3:1-21). Like the serpent, Satan is not creative. His creativity and enterprise lie in corruption. He destroys. He is behind every organization that destroys rather than builds. He is the ultimate destroyer. He is the author of evil and every misbegotten idea. He cometh not but to steal, kill and destroy(Jon.8:44). Satan is behind the multiplicity of false religions in the world. He muddled the waters, thereby making it heard to choose between the true and the false. He is the author of polytheism and pantheism. He is the spirit behind blasphemy and heresy. He encourages idolatry. Whenever and wherever anything other than the true God of Israel is worshipped, Satan is glorified. He delights in affront on the phone Estonia of God.


As we have pointed out earlier, Satan is the anglicized version of the Hebrew word Shatan, which means the adversary. He is the adversary of God and man. He is the opposer of God and man. In the light of this, the believer is admonished to be on his watch, and to be sober, and watch unto prayer(1 Pet.4:7). The believer is admonished to be sober and be vigilant, because his adversary, the devil, as a roaring lion walketh about, seeking whom he may devour, whom resist steadfast in the faith; knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world(1 Pet.5:8). Satanic opposition is a common denominator in the life of every believer. He resisted our brother Paul in his missionary journeys and evangelistic efforts, by stirring up persecutions against him. Paul was molested by satan’s proxies. He was molested publicly, three times, he was beaten with rod. Five times, he was publicly flogged 39 strokes of the cane. He was shipwrecked. A night and a day he was in the deep. He was in peril amongst his country men and amongst false brethren. He was in peril in the city and inthe wilderness. He endured hunger. He wanted to eat, but Satan made sure there was nothing for him to eat. This is quite different from fasting, when there is something to eat, but one abstains by choice, in order to attain a spiritual goal. Satan created untold hardship to frustrate Paul. But he did not prevail. In our lives, he cannot prevail unless we give him the locus standi. He has no power to prevail over us except such as is given him by man.

The Tempter.

He is the tempter. He tempted our Lord Jesus the Christ: if thou be the Son Of God, command that these stones be made made bread( Matt.4:3). He tempts everyone on earth today, especially believers. There has been no temptation overtaken you but such as is common to man….(1 Cor.10:13). Paul was concerned about the welfare of the Thessalonians, lest by any means the tempter had tempted you and our labour vein vein. Therefore, he sent Timothy to enquire of their welfare(Thess.3:5). He is the author of the hour of temptation which shall come upon all the world(Rev.3:10). God does not tempt anyone, neither is He tempted with evil. Everyone is tempted when one is drawn of ones own lust and enticed(Jam.1:13). Paul addressing married couples said: deprive not yourselves, except it be for a season, and that by consent, that you may devote yourselves to prayers; after that come together again, lest Satan tempt you because of your incontinence(1 Cor.7:5).Satan is not mentioned in James 1:13, but it is obvious he is the tempter. He is behind every temptation. He tempts directly or indirectly through his subordinate demons or humans, and or by creating enabling circumstances. Every form of this word, peira, peirazo or peirasmos is associated with the Devil. This perhaps goes a long way to prove that the great tribulation, the our of temptation which shall come upon all the world is authored by the Devil. In other words, the great tribulation is Satan’s wrath, and not God’s. If God does not tempt anyone, neither is He tempted with evil, how is He the author of the hour of temptation which shall come upon all those who dwell upon the Earth?

The Usurper.

After God created man, He gave him dominion over all the Earth. He said: be fruitful and multiply and replenish the Earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and the fowl of the air, and over everything that moveth upon the Earth(Gen.1:26-28). Adam had dominion over all the earth. He was God’s representative over the earthly realm of His universal kingdom. In other words, Adam had the title deed of the Earth. Adam was the son of God(Luk.3:38). But Adam sold out to the Devil. The moment Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, they lost the title deed of the Earth to Satan. It was a legal transaction and therefore binding. Adam had the legal right to engage in that transaction because he was the son of God. He had God’s authority to act on His behalf. He did not have the moral right to do that. Nevertheless, it was legally binding. Thus Adam lost the rulership of the Earth to Satan, the enemy of God. Satan became the god of this Age, and the prince of the power of the air. Let no one deceive you by glibly saying, God is running the earth. Satan is the god of this Age. Is God running the Earth full of terror, wars, disasters, sin and diseases, wickedness, witchcraft, famine, injustice, every unrighteousness, greed and vice, discrimination, oppression etc? The list is endless. But those who believe and trust in the God of Israel enjoy His love and protection.

Satan like God, has no physical body with which to relate to external physical environment of the Earth. Therefore he rules the world through his own representatives, the rulers and kings of his Beast Empires. But this Age shall expire at the end of the sixth day or sixth millennium. Adam’s lease was to last for six days, each day being a millennium, the seventh is the Shabbat of the Lord, in which the rulership of the Earth reverts back to God, the rightful owner of the Earth. But Satan will not give up his rulership of the Earth willingly; he must be evicted by force from the Earth’s premises. Hence the war in the heavenlies in the middle of the 70th seven(Rev.12:12).

The Deceiver.

He is also called the deceiver. Through his subtility, he beguiled Eve, and she ate the forbidden fruit. Adam was not deceived. His was a deliberate disobedience, because he did not want to part with the woman. He preferred the company of Eve to the fellowship with God. His error was worse than that of Eve. Eve being deceived was in the transgression(1 Tim.2:14). He possessed Judas, the man from Iscara, and he betrayed his Master Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Though he was remorseful, he found no place of repentance, but had a swinging time. He lost his office, his wife became a widow, his children vagabonds, and his genealogy ended in the next generation(Ps.69:25; Acts 2:16-20).

The Operations Of Satan.

Satan having usurped the title deed of the Earth from Adam, became the God of this Age. He is the absolute ruler of the Earth in the present Age, although God Almighty has the veto power as the sovereign Lord of the universe to intervene in human affairs. God’s intervention in human affairs is based on invitation by His obedient servants. God would always intervene in the affairs of men where His sovereignty is infringed upon or challenged. Hence the necessity of prayers.

Satan’s system of government is based on hatred, mistrust, discrimination, greed and all manner of vices and evil, murder, mayhem, indeed everything that is bad and evil. Satan’s sole goal is to prevent man, made in the image and likeness of God from being obedient to God, thereby incurring His Wrath. Hell was never intended for man, but for the devil and his fallen evil angels. Satan is extremely jealous of man who was made to take his place, to worship God and praise and honour and obey Him. The struggle for the soul of man is at the heart of the cosmic conflict. Being God’s rival, he desires worship from man. Satan is a copycat. He wants to be like God. Whatever God does, he has his own version which is always fake. He has not yet been divested of his anointing, therefore he manipulates it to his advantage. Do not be deceived, Satan has power. There are those who urge us to believe that Satan has no power. Recognizing that Satan has power, is no weakness, but rather it gives us a vantage point to counter his machinations. One does not need to look beyond oneself and ones immediate environment to know there is an evil power at work on Earth and in the whole universe.

Immediately man fell, God instituted a plan to redeem man. The first promise of redemption is in Gen.3:15. I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed: it shall bruise thy head, and thou shall bruise his heel. That means that the seed of the woman shall redeem man. To counter that, Satan dispatched some of his fallen angels to cohabit with human females, the daughters of men. This unholy union resulted in the breeding of species of spirit beings called the nephelim, who were neither human nor angelic. They were very wicked and mean. They were an embodiment of everything that was ornery in man. They could not be redeemed being hybrid humans. The aim of Satan was to corrupt the whole human race, so that the messiah will not be born. The messiah must of necessity be human. Man can only be redeemed by his kinsman redeemer, the goel. If the whole human race were hibridized, there would be no pure human line through which the messiah would come into the World. He is the son of Man. He must be born of a pure human female. Nearly every family on Earth at that time was hibridized except Noah and his family. The statement that Noah was righteous in his generation is better translated Noah was pure in his descendants(Gen.6:9). In other words Noah and his family were the only ones who were pure humans. Little wonder therefore that God annihilated that generation in the deluge. Noah and his family were saved. Pure breed of humans will not vanish from the Earth. God’s plan will not be thwarted(Is.8:9-14). The whole army of evil spirits who took part in the execution of Satan’s plan were incarcerated in chains in the abyss under darkness awaiting the judgment of the great day(Jud.1:6). Once again, as it was in the days of

Noah, as before the flood, there are hibrid humans on Earth today. There are humanized demons and demonized humans. Do we presume that every body we meet today is a pure human, even those we know their parents. The activities of familiar spirits are diverse. A detailed description of their activities is beyond the scope of this work. There are those who will never believe in Jesus no matter how we present the gospel to them. There are those who claim to b believers but their theology is whacked out. True believers must be careful to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit in our relationships and associations, especially as regards marriage and fellowship of the saints. There are various attempts being made to pollute the human race through hibridization with evil angels and experiments in scientific laboratories where human genome is hibridized with those of plants and animal, even those long extinct, to create superhuman humanoids and transhumans. The definition of a species as a biological group within which inbreeding is possible no longer holds water; for under certain favourable conditions, the sperm of a dog can fertilize the ovum of a human female, producing a hibrid creature, which is neither human not canine. God forbids the mingling of the species. Under the law, bestiality was an offence punishable by death. Thanks be to God; for we are no longer under the law but under grace. We are washed by the blood of the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of humanity(Jon.1:29). Under the law of Moses, homosexuality and lesbianism were offenses that carried the death penalty, being affront on the person of God. God decreed that there should be a distinction between the sexes, but men want that distinction obliterated. I read one article of late that listed 16 different sexual orientations. The UN, US and EU wage war at various level and fronts against nations, especially in Africa, Eastern Europe and the Third world have discriminatory legislations against LGBTQ. Shameful and unmentionable acts are fodder nowadays.

There are men and women alive today who view themselves superior to other humans, like the black nobility, the illuminati, the Freemasons, the Islamic jihadists etc, who do not consider others different from them worthy of life, or at best, to be reduced to hewers of wood and drawers of water. The ultimate manifestation of this superiority mentality will be the Mark of the beast. Those who do not have this Mark will not be considered worthy of life. As in the days of Noah, before Satan achieves his aim, the Lord God Almighty, the God of Israel, will reclaim His rulership over the Earth, and re-establish His righteous reign over the Earth.

With the survival of Noah and his family, the human race has been preserved pure. But satan being the enterprising spirit that he is went to work. After the deluge, God commanded men to disperse all over the Earth. But Nimrod, in defiance to God, built cities like Babylon, Nimrud, and Uruk. Nimrod was a mighty hunter before the Lord( Gen.10:9). Nimrod was a great grandson of Noah through Ham and Cush. His prowess mentioned above has nothing to do with animals and hunting. Nimrod was a mighty hunter of the souls of men. Nimrod practised witchcraft. With him is associated the origin of false religion, false human government and commercialism. Babylon was not just a city, it symbolized a philosophical concept, a global ideal that was applicable to government, religion, education and commerce. The evil concept that is Babylon shall be annihilated at the outpouring of the seventh bowl judgment.

The ziggurats of ancient Babel were not residential skyscrapers but minarets for the practice of astrology and star gazing. Mother-child worship began in Babylon. Semiramis was the wife of Nimrod and Osiris his son, believed to have been born posthumously, whom Semiramis believe to be her husband come back to life. In middle Eastern mythology, Osiris actually married the mother which was an abomination. Osiris, also called Tammuz, went hunting like his father and was killed by a wild boar. He came back to life after his mother mourned for 40 days. From this belief came the Roman Catholic practice of lent. It has nothing to do with the 40 day fast that Moses and Jesus observed. Till this day, mother-child worship involve women weeping for Tammuz(Ezek.7:14). When God confounded the language of postdiluvian earth-dwellers, and forced their dispersion to the four corners of the Globe, they carried with them the vestiges of their religion. There are no people on Earth who had not this religion in one form or the other. In Nnewi where I resided for 13 years during the days of the years of my seclusion, it is Edo and Ezemewi. At the Mbari in my town in Imo State, it is Afor and Oparukwu seated on her lap. Semiramis is called the queen of heaven(Jer.7: :44). She was so called, 700 years before Mary, whom the Roman Catholics refer to as queen of Heaven.

The whole Earth was given to idolatry. For sometime, once again, it looked like Satan was about to triumph over God. But that was not to be. In the midst of a city given to idolatry was found one man to whom the rampant idolatry in his city, Ur of the Chaldees was repulsive. That man was Abram, the son of Terah. The story is told that Abram’s father Terah ran an idol shop in Ur. It was Abram’s duty to look after the shop whenever his father, Terah was away. In Abram’s father’s shop, there was one idol with an axe in its hands. One day, when his father was away, Abram slipped the axe off the hands of the idol, and used to smash all his father’s idols, leaving only the one with the axe, which he slipped back into its arms. When his father returned, he was appalled at the ruin of his idols. He demanded an explanation from his son. Abram told the father it was the only surviving idols that wreaked the havoc. His father queried how an idol that could not move had done such a thing. Abram asked his father whether his ears heard what his mouth had said. If an idol could not move, why then do you worship it? Whether this story is true or false is questionable. But it tells us something about how rampant idolatry was in Abram’s city and day and how he was repulsed by it. Just as Noah was pure in his descendants, so was Abram free from the rampant idolatry of his day. It was this man that God chose, and his descendants through Isaac and Jacob to be the vehicle for the entry of the Messiah into the world. Herein lies the mystery of antisemitism. If any other race were chosen of God, they would also have incurred the wrath of Satan. They would also have been persecuted by the other nations of the world. It is a matter of cause and effect. Some may think we are trying to excuse antisemitism by placing the blame squarely on the Devil. Nothing could be farther from the truth. But rather we are trying to show the root cause of antisemitism, and also to show how man cannot eradicate it no matter how hard we try. It is wrong however not to anything about it or be silent in the face of it. It is a problem that only God can solve by one way only, that is by eliminating Satan from the equation of human condition, and Christ ruling over the earth with a rod of iron(Ps.2:8,9; Rev.2:27,12:5,19:15).

Jews ought to be revered the world over. Out of proportion to the paucity of their number, less than 1% of world population, they have contributed more than any other race per capita in all fields of human endeavors. Israelite slave labour built the pyramids of Egypt. Israelis built the first cell phone and the Intel mother board. Google and Facebook founders are Jews. During the American civil war, Hayim Salomon financed the Union Army and government, and died a pauper afterwards. Albert Einstein was a Jew. During the First World War, Chaim Weizmann supplied the British with synthetic acetone produced from corn, for the manufacture of cordite gun powder which went a long way to prosecute the war effort. Salk and Sabin discovered polio vaccines, which have saved millions of lives the world over. Columbus, a Portuguese morano discovered the New World. Which content has not benefited from the American Dream. Israelis and Jews have won more Nobel prize per capita of any race or nation. Little Israel has the highest number of start up per capita of all nations in the entire world. Even in exile, without a national identity, they accomplished what no other people have done in their own land. The Jews in diaspora are contributing immensely to the betterment of the human condition. These are just a few examples of the daunting contributions of this wonderful people, not to mention Our Lord Jesus the Christ, the Saviour of all mankind, who alone bits the records of all mankind put together, who is wholly Other. A comprehensive list of the contributions of Jews in every field of human endeavor is beyond the scope of this work. Inspite of these daunting contributions to the betterment of human condition, Jews have been pogromed, massacred, abused, vilified etc., for no just cause. Hitler and his high stepping Nazis sent 6 millions Jews to the gas chambers and crematoria all over Europe during WWII, including 2 million innocent Jewish children whose lives were snuffed out in the embryo. In our day, antisemitism is on the rise all over Europe and Asia, despite the efforts of organizations like the ADL, AIPAC. Jews all over the World would do well to be ware. Do we suppose we can stamp out antisemitism in our time? Those of us who warn that the worst antisemite is yet unborn, Hitler come back to life, are branded by Jewish rabbis as theological antisemites. But we couldn’t care less.

Satan is the antithesis of God. God chose Abraham to bless him and all the families of the Earth through him and in him, but Satan marked him and his descendants for destruction. Because of the promised seed, Satan slapped Sara with barrenness. The impatience of Sara led to the birth of Ishmael. The Ishmaelites are a turn in the flesh of the Israelites, the descendants of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob, and a source of pain and sorrow and enormous burden on humanity. It is regrettable that half a century after Jesus had ascended in heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father that another religion is founded which claims origin from Abraham. Who hath muddied the waters? Satan. The God of Israel is not the author of confusion(1 Cor.14:33). The purpose of the multiplicity of religion is to befuddle the minds of the gullible mass of humanity, so that they would make the wrong choices and thereby be swept into Hell. Who led Israel into apostasy in the Sinai? Satan. Who led Israel into idolatry in the land of Canaan? Satan. Why did Israel reject the rulership of God and demand a king? Why did they desire to be like other nations around them despite the fact that they have chosen by God as peculiar treasure and the Apple of His eye? Who moved David to number Israel(1Chron.21:1)? Why did he go in to Bathsheba when he had a harem of beautiful wives(2 Sam.12:11)? Why did Solomon in all his wisdom fall in love with the daughters of the heathen nations around Israel despite the beauty of israelitish women(I Kin.11:1-4)? Why did the Israelites built altars to Baal, Ashtoret, Chemosh, Malcam and the abominations of the Sidonians, Moab and Ammon? Why would such a nation of such wise and intelligent men and women substitute the only wise and true God with the abominations of the heathen(Jer.2:11,28)? Who deceived Judas of Iscara to betray his master Jesus an action he bitterly regretted afterwards? He never used the 30 pieces of silver he received for the betrayal of Jesus. He never profited from it in any way. But rather a heavy curse and evil fell upon and his posterity, and they perished from the Earth from the next generation.

When Jesus was born, Satan was there in the person of Herod to destroy Him(Rev.12:3,4; Matt.2:16-23). Why did the Jewish leadership and the majority of the generality of the masses reject Him inspite of the fact that none of their earlier prophets had done what He accomplished in three short years of ministry(Jon.15:24)? Why are the Jews resistant to the gospel up to now? Why do the Jews reject Jesus as the true messiah up to now though He has all the credentials? There have been many false Jewish messiahs like Theudas and Judas the Galilean in the 1st century, Bar Kochba(c.135), Moses of Crete(440-470), David Alroy(c.1160), David Reubeni( 1490-1541?), Solomon Molcho(1500-1532), Sabbatai Tzvi( 1626-1676), Menachem Mendel Schneerson( 1902-1994), and many others, none of whom have the credentials.

Why are the majority of Jews waiting for the Messiah when it is clearly stated in the Jewish Scriptures that the messiah would come and die not for Himself but the people before the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD(Dan.9:26)? Caiphas, under whose high priesthood Jesus was crucified prophesied to the Jewish leadership in the 1st century that it was expedient for one man to die, and that the whole nation perish not(Jon.11:59; 18:14). Why do humanists teach humanistic evolution? Why are most men liars, and none tells his neighbor the truth? There are lies being told in high places: in government, in trade and commerce, in institutions of higher learning, and between governments of nations. There are lies being told between individuals, between spouses, between siblings, between friends and acquaintances. If there were no lies, cheating and deceit, there would be less aches and pains and sorrow in the world.

The Earth is full of lies. Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived(2 Tim.2:13). Surely men of low degree are vanity, and men of high degree are a lie: to be laid in the balance, they are all together lighter than vanity(Ps 62:9). The commonest sin today, is the sin of self-deception. The story is told of a professor who told his students that the topic for discussion the following week was to be on the Sin of self-deceit. For that purpose, he requested the students read the 17th chapter of the Gospel According To Saint Mark. When the class convened the following week, he asked how many had read the 17th chapter to the Gospel Of Mark. They all raised their hands. He then told them that it was for people like them that the lecture was intended; for there is no 17th chapter to the Gospel Of Saint Mark. We are living in a world of self-deception. And who is behind it all? Satan, the invisible archenemy of humanity. There is a Satanic Centre Of Demonic Programming. It is a demonic beehive of activities. From there evil is programmed into the lives of men and of nations. The only force that counters it is the prayers of righteous saints. We live in a world bedeviled with sin and evil through demonic deception. The deception that began in the garden of Eden shall have its final hurrah in the midst of the 70th seven when Satan and his hordes of fallen evil angels shall be cast down to the Earth by Michael the archangel of God who standeth for His people. Satan shall indwell the Man Of Sin who shall declare himself God. The restrainer shall be withdrawn, sin and evil shall have its fullest and worst manifestation through deceit. But as in the days of Noah, before everyone is corrupted or killed, God Almighty shall amputate the great tribulation with cosmic disturbances, and retake rulership of Earth, wipe out Satan and his minions from the Earth and establish His millennial kingdom.

The Final Disposition Of Satan.

Unlike what is commonly taught, Satan’s abode in the present age is not Hell but the dark void and the starry heavens, from whence he goes to and fro the Earth and walks up and down in it(Job1:6). Satanic Centre of demonic programming is in the heavenlies not in Hell. Satan abhors Hell, and is doing everything he can to delay his eternal imprisonment in Hell. In the middle of the 70th seven, Michael and the angels of God under his command, shall do battle with Satan and his fallen evil angels in the heavenlies in order to cast him down to the Earth. Satan and his angels shall thoroughly resist the attempt to cast them down to the Earth. But they shall not prevail. Satan fought and his angels, and prevailed not. There was no place found in heaven for them. They were cleared by force from their abode in the heavenlies and thrust down to the Earth. That was a cause of joy in the heavenlies but a source of sorrow to the inhabitants of the earth because he is come down to them having great wrath; for he knoweth that he has but a short time(Rev.12:7-12). When cast down to the earth with his evil angels Satan shall indwell the Antichrist, the first beast just as he indwelt Judas and he betrayed his master Jesus. When the Beast-Antichrist is possessed of the Devil, he shall declare himself God, and institute the great tribulation, demanding worship of all who dwell on the earth(Rev.13:1-10). God interrupts the persecution of the saints with the celestial disturbance. This is the sixth seal of the seven-sealed scroll. The saints are raptured and the 144,000 of the house of Israel sealed after the back-to-back sign is given in the sun, moon and stars. At the opening of the seventh seal, the wrath of God directed against The Beast-Antichrist and the worshippers and adorers of the Dragon-Beast shall begin. The wrath of God consists of the seven bowls and seven trumpet judgments. The seventh bowl judgment culminates in Armageddon at which Satan is apprehended and incarcerated in the abyss for 1000 years. Throughout the period of the Millennium, Satan is serving his jail term in the bottomless pit and his evil angels in Hell( Rev.20:2). At the expiry of the millennium, Satan shall be freed from imprisonment in the bottomless pit as it were on parole. Unrepentant, he behaves true to type. He deceives the Magogites on the four quarters of to Earth to invade the camp of the saints. The Magogites by their volatile and rebellious and arrogant disposition and superiority mentality are vulnerable to diabolical deception. God is done with man’s intransigence, insubordination, and rebellion. Fire comes from God out of heaven, and they were consumed in the divine and heavenly conflagration. The devil that deceived them would be cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the Beast-Antichrist and the false prophet have been for over a thousand years. He shall be tormented there for ever and ever(Rev.20:7-10).

Avraham Shallom.

Published by midgdal

I believe the saints will go through the Great Tribulation before being evacuated from the Earth in the rapture.

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